The Bag You Can't Stop Thinking About

Have you ever had a spectacular panini or life-changing lasagna recipe you couldn't stop rattling on about? Well, I have found the bag equivalent to your most memorable meal. It satisfies your hunger for a sophisticated, trendy accessory and surpasses expectations with its functional design. 

In the late ’90s, Holly & Tanager were the crossroads where Lindsay Lingle learned her first lessons about business: create a product that’s in demand and exceeds expectations, and you’ll be successful. Here sprouted the idea for a brand of intricately designed handbags that take both your daily needs and fashion vision into consideration. Holly & Tanager came about to be a brand of handbags with a mission to make your life easier. Founders, Lindsay Lingle and Kathryn Traut, actively seek out customer reviews and preferences to perfect their handbags and maximize functionality.

Seeing as you don't have to fund your way to Italy, it's quite the bargain for a quality Italian leather bag! Although Holly & Tanager focuses on functional design, NO fashion was sacrificed in the making of this brand. The brand offers styles your mom, daughter and sister will adore!

Made by women, for women, the Champion Wallet is the perfect sidekick for a night out. My favorite part about it is the slot to hold your phone...
TRANSLATION: no matter how crazy the night gets, no phones shall be left behind!

For my personal style, I find the Professional Bag in red to be the perfect fit; bold yet clean aesthetic with signature gold zippers. Co-founder, Kathryn Traut, agreed in our recent interview:

What is your favorite way to style your most popular bag, “The Professional”?

Co-Founder, Kathryn: "The red Professional can be worn with every day clothing. I use it when I travel a lot, going from Ohio to Chicago. It can go with almost anything and it's perfect to add a pop of color; even with a bright blue shirt, the red looks awesome."

Co-Founder, Lindsay: "I believe in lots of colors, so I wear the yellow Professional. I've worn it in business meetings or with yoga pants and a sweatshirt. That's the unique aspect of the professionalWhether it is worn to dress down or to dress up, it is the best everyday bag."

What are the main values of the brand and which resonate most with you?

Lindsay: "Our brand is built around providing functional yet fashionable items. The process takes into consideration what is functional and what it is being used for and then we design around that."

    What is the best part about being a trailblazer?

    Lindsay: "For us, it is listening to women to create something for women, designed by women. It is important to go into the market boldly and not being afraid if people don't like it. A huge part of the brand is listening because consumers can always provide valuable information."

    Kathryn: "I would agree with Lindsay, the input women give to us; we love chatting with other trailblazers to hear how they use their Holly & Tanager bag."

      Throwing it back to when you were little girls, what was your ultimate dream job?

      Lindsay: "I wanted to be a teacher. I used to set up all my animals in my room for class. Who knows, maybe I just wanted to be in charge!"

      Kathryn: "I wanted to be an astronaut but was 5’7 by third or fourth grade. I am now 6’1, so my dreams were quickly crushed."

      Stay tuned with Holly & Tanager as they are launching new items in May: a laptop sleeve, passport holder, and business card sleeve.
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