Meet "Modern Day Abolitionist" Ashley Lauren!

Ashley Lauren is an Indy-Award nominated singer who changes lives through her music.
The Chicago native first began to explore her musical abilities in kindergarten. However, her talents don’t just stop at singing. Ashley is also an actress, violinist, dancer, painter and photographer. The musician reveals, “My life is surrounded by love and devotion, but like everyone else nothing has come easy. Each piece of work... possess the message that everyone can fall and prevail, can be captured and set free, with faith and devotion. I feel my heart in everything I do whether it’s on-screen or on stage.”

Photo Credit: Orel Chollette of Chollette
She has been named “The modern day abolitionist” by our very own editor Jennifer Lezan. This year alone her efforts raised $30,000 with Thistle Farms, a safe house in Nashville for survivors and ex-prostitutes.This organization works to rebuild the mind, body and spirit of women who have endured unimaginable circumstances. Other partners of Ashley include Songs Against Slavery and Humans for Justice. Ashley’s most recent benefit show was held at Davenport’s which raised $1,000 to support Ashley’s mentee Jane.

Jane is a mother of two with a background in photography. Jane was swindled into sex trafficking by a “friend" who offered her a job as a maid with good pay and a place to stay. This “friend” turned out to be a pimp. Since her escape she has had to have two name changes in order to protect her identity.

Photo Credit: Orel Chollette of Chollette
According to Equality Now, “20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold into commercial sexual servitude, forced labor and bonded labor.” In addition to that 96% of women and girls are victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Ashley’s music is inspired by overcoming trials through the grace of God. The Indy singer has experienced abuse, mental breakdowns, and suicide attempts. The Chicago Advocacy Center helped Lauren to get back on her feet which has ultimately given her the power to pass it forward. Ashley's vision for the future is to go on tour and increase her platform to spread awareness. She also intends to establish her very own ministry that holds conferences and workshops.

Her new single Warrior ft. Nick B (remix) will be released May 30th. You can find her #1 EP Warrior here. 50% of all of her music sales contribute to the saving and rehabilitation of human trafficking survivors.

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