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Music Fans Can Wear Their Favorite Songs On Their Sleeve...Or Anywhere Else

Wednesday, December 06, 2017 Louis Vasseur

Searching for that perfect gift for your music-loving friend or family member?  How about a T-shirt, hoodie, or mug emblazoned with the lyrics from their favorite song?  What better way to start your morning than being greeted by the chorus from your favorite inspirational song on your shower curtain?  It can take singing in the shower to a whole new level.  It’s easy to remember the lyrics when they are printed right next to you on the shower curtain.
Check out LyricMerch, the first ever, on-demand platform where music fans can design their own merchandise, complete with their favorite song lyrics.  The Toronto-based company provides a new consumer-facing lyric service from LyricFind, the pioneer company that brought fully legal lyrics to search engines, lyric sites, and music streaming services around the world.  LyricMerch draws on LyricFind’s database of millions of lyrics and allows fans to put over 100,000 licensed lyrics on just about anything:  shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, hoodies, mugs, caps, and even shower curtains.  Fans just select the lyric lines they want, format them as desired from an easy-to-use design interface, and LyricMerch will print your creation.  You can choose one or two lines, a verse, chorus, or even the whole song.  Meanwhile, rightsholders get royalty payments for the use of their work.

“We see this as a win-win for songwriters and artists, and for fans who love their lyrics,” says Darryl Ballantyne, CEO of LyricFind.  “Lyric Merch also expands the income possibilities for lyrics rightsholders, helping them make the most of an asset that is growing in significance in the digital era.”

For fans who are not comfortable creating their own designs, LyricMerch offers a selection of pre-made designs from their in-house design team, and will create original designs for artists or labels when they need unique merchandise for an upcoming release or tour.  LyricFind will also partner with design-conscious artists and their teams, as well as social media influencers, to craft just the right product that reflects their creative vision and sound.  Imagine lyrics from Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” printed on a pillow cover.  The LyricMerch website offers several holiday-themed designs to keep you in a festive mood throughout the holiday season.

Founded over a decade ago, LyricFind has made it its mission to bring lyrics out of the shadows and into full legal usage, turning what was once an industry loss leader into a true asset.  Lyrics dominate music-related searches, direct fans to their favorite tracks, and promise to dominate voice command.

To learn more about LyricMerch and check out some of their in-house designs, visit

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