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Wrigley BBQ is a Summer Dream Come True

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 Perry

Summertime is all about clocking those beach hours, yard parties that stretch late into the night and food - lots and lots of amazing, tasty food! One of my favorite summer foods is hot dogs fresh off the grill.  A little relish, some grilled onions, and YES, ketchup!  Sorry, not sorry.

But, I have a new favorite that I just discovered.  The nachos at Wrigley BBQ are everything to me right now!  Served with corn, lettuce, sour cream, mixed cheese, jalapeƱos and your choice of meat, they are unlike any nachos I have had before.  

The good news and the bad news is that everything on the menu at Wrigley BBQ is drool worthy.  I had a hard time picking what to try, so I pretty much just ordered one of everything!

I started with the jalapeƱo and classic corn bread.  The perfect combination of sweet, salty and spicy!  The best part - it is served with a side of honey butter. 

Next, I sampled the fried jumbo whole wings.  True to their title, they were massive! They are also super tasty when dipped in one of Wrigley BBQ's signature, made in house sauces; Memphis Sweet, Carolina Vinegar, Texas Habanero and Wrigley Fire. 

The next course is a little fuzzy, because I am sure I slipped into a meat coma, but the  brisket and ribs were so good, I couldn't stop eating them.

 Sam & Erna sandwich / brisket, pulled pork and coleslaw.

Somehow, I miraculously found room for dessert and I am so glad I did!  Only available for those dining in, the S'mores Pie is a delicious mound of chocolate and graham crackers, topped with perfectly toasted marshmallows and bourbon whipped cream. Another new favorite of mine, that I will definitely be back for!   

There is still plenty of summer to be soaked up, so get out there and enjoy it on the patio at Wrigley BBQ! 

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