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New Finding: Groove Rings

Sunday, August 13, 2017 Stella Quimby



Wedding rings, yep they share a larger market than most expect. One growing niche in that market is fitness wedding rings. Along with the expansion of CrossFit’s, HIIT training centers and MMA facilities; fitness wedding rings are skyrocketing with demand. One ring that stands out from the rest is the GrooveRings. Groove rings are silicone rings that are lightweight and comfortable; I even forget that I am wearing them and I hate rings.
Hey even NFL Quarterback Philip Rivers uses them; that won my husband over!

Photo from Groovelife.co

GrooveRing is the honestly the most comfortable ring ! Plus it comes with these unique features:
  • Breathability keeps air moving in and moisture out with infinity loops, air-ports, and inner arches lessen finger contact with the ring.
  • Super low profile designed to prevent fingers from snagging on objects.
  • Liquid poured process to give rings their perfect look with limited mold lines, checks or flaws.
  • Lifetime warranty if rings break, stretch, tear or even lost — you’re covered!
Photo from Groovelife.co

You even got a large choice of colors (which include blue, white, orange, pink and more) and you get a choice of specific types of rings! The different style rings include Groove Original, Groove thin, and even Groove custom. Groove custom allows you to add anything you want to your Groove ring!

Photo from Groovelife.co

So make sure to visit the site today! Affordable, cool looking and lifetime guarantee...it's a win/win for everyone! Not just the super athletes!!

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