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Game-Changing Headbands

Monday, August 07, 2017 Olivia Lemley

I like to consider myself a seasoned expert when it comes to headbands as I have struggled with wispies in my face as an athlete, allowed my best friend in middle school to cut my bangs with my school scissors, and attempted to keep my headbands from sliding off my rounded head. With that being said, I have gone through countless brands and styles to find the most comfortable, and until recently, I was never fully pleased. Often times I would come across headbands that don't slide off, but they give me headaches. When I came across headbands with rubber lines to ensure they would stay in place, they disappointed me as well considering they always snagged my thinner strands. It came to a point in time where I gave up on wearing headbands, although they can bring some seriously fun styling to an outfit.

Finally, I discovered a brand with an innovative design. Hipsy provides high quality, non-slip headbands that never pluck my hair out, keep all my wispies out of my face, and never slide off my round head! I am in love with this brand for their assortment of fashionable headbands as well as sportswear

How has this revolutionary brand done it? So glad you asked! Underneath their brilliant patterns and styles, there is a layer of velvet that softly holds to your head. You may also adjust the size of Hipsy headbands too. These accessories also do us one more favor—they leave little to no crease in your hair! Testing out the theory, I wore the Genuine Leather Tan Pebble Headband for half the day and let my hair loose in the late afternoon; there was nothing a little shimmy of the hair couldn't fix! 

In addition to Hipsy’s style and performance benefits, they promise their products will last with the Hipsy's Lifetime Guarantee. There are seemingly endless styles to fit all and any looks. The website has great new prints available to check out too!

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