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Wraps headphone Review!

Wednesday, July 05, 2017 Tyronita Bell

Headphones are the most used tech accessory of the modern world. We listen to our favorite songs with them and when it's time for our next use they're usually tangled. Wraps headphones have created a solution to that problem.

The company has created headphones that you can wrap stylishly around your wrists so that you will never have to worry about them getting tangled again! These are great for people traveling and on the go. 

@valentina_grispo via instagram 

I tried out Wraps and here are my thoughts: 


The headphones are made of fibre braided cable which gives it a durable texture. The design is clean yet unique. Wraps offers five colors and styles to go with any look. I chose the black color because it's neutral and goes with anything. I loved the rope like design. When I wore them it made something that's usually so plain, special.

Sound Quality

Wraps headphones offers an elevated sound quality. They have a frequency range of 20 HZ - 20 KHZ which showed through its great performance. It made the music come to life with superior clarity. These headphones provide great sound quality for the price point. This is definitely the best part about the product.


What separates wraps from traditional headphones is that they act as a cool accessory that prevents the fuss of headphones getting tangled. I personally saw this as a plus, but not completely necessary. I usually just threw them into my bag without taking the time out to wrap them around my wrist when I was done.

Wraps are simply all around a good quality pair of headphones. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone out there who is looking for a unique headphone experience.

You can learn more about wraps at

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