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Wedding Gifts Under $50

Thursday, July 27, 2017 Olivia Lemley

Summertime—it's great for swimming, baseball, family vacation and, last but not least, weddings [insert heart eye emoji]. September is on it's way... and you know what that means; 'tis the peak of wedding season. Getting an abundance of "save-the-dates" shouldn't feel like a burden, but sometimes it is stressful to come up with memorable gifts that don't break the bank. With busy schedules and a priority to celebrate, there is no need to worry about scrambling for the perfect wedding gift. 

Weddings are special because you get to experience such a special moment between two individuals and celebrate with old friends, so you need a special gift that says they're a one of a kind. American Heirloom has incredible options for personalized gifts for under $50. When I say personalized, I mean you can represent their hometowns or new beginnings with a state-shaped cutting board, or you can represent who they are with engraved quotes or initials. There are a few that, particularly, sparked my interest upon browsing. These are gift options that say "Hey, I spent time on finding a thoughtful gift that is unique to you" even though it is a quick and easy buy. 

To make American Heirloom even more appealing, they are a family business, and their products are made in the USAensuring high quality and strong ethics. These are the types of brands to which I love to dedicate my shopping addiction. Rather than feeling your money bar drop in your bank account, you can feel good about helping out a family business rather than helping large manufacturing firms hit and surpass a generous quota.

Creativity goes a long way when gifting; my goal is never to send something basic or boring. I always like my gifts to stand out (and avoid eventually being exchanged for something better). AHeirloom provides plenty more unique gifting options through their site

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