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How to Style: Bridal Buys (Thus Far)

Friday, July 28, 2017 Emily Ehardt Blog

As many of you already know, my fiance, Chris, and I have begun our wedding planning! While we don't have a date set yet, we are starting to figure out smaller details little by little. So far, we have purchased a few small items to decorate the venue with and of course little bridal buys like bridal tanks for me! I wanted to share with you all some tips on starting to shop and plan for your wedding. Below are my five tips on getting started and staying organized:

1. Purchase a Notebook. I cannot stress this tip enough! Whether it be a plain spiral notebook or one that is wedding inspired, choose a notebook and begin writing ideas and a to do list. Also, keep all important dates and inspirational images in this notebook. Carry it with you all of the time, so when an idea hits, you can jot it down.

2. Start Looking for Ideas. I love using Pinterest for wedding ideas in a digital format, but just going out to stores like T.J. Maxx to see the different pieces they are selling is bound to give you a bunch of ideas. Plus, their pieces are so inexpensive that you can start purchasing small items like quote signs sooner, rather than later.

3. Consider a Theme. Sure, if you are in the very beginning stages, you and your significant other may not have a set idea. Come up with a few and then narrow it down little by little, so it makes your shopping that much easier.

4. Have Fun! Weddings can be stressful and when you get engages every person always asks you, "when is the date?" This can be overwhelming at times, especially if you are trying to take your time to plan it all out. Chris and I get asked that all the time, but we just shrug it off and make sure we have fun with the planning, rather than going crazy about rushing it along. Enjoy your engagement and don't feel that you have to rush your process; only you and your significant other know what is best for you!

5. Click here to checkout our latest purchases for our wedding so far!

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Stay Classy!
---Emily Ehardt---

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