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Get the Best Shave of Your Life

Friday, July 21, 2017 Danielle Hazekamp

Now that short season is upon us, I find myself constantly shaving my legs.  No matter what I try I feel like I am always trying to get the closest and smoothest shave. Thanks to Deanna Renda, founder of Naples Soap Company I can say that I have officially achieved the best way to shave.  Deanna's steps are easy but it is very important to follow each one.

1.   Cleanse – cleansing the skin can prevent infections and remove dirt from the treatment area. The easiest way to cleanse the skin is to have a warm shower or bath that not only cleanses, but opens up the pores. 

2.  Exfoliate​ -​ ​A gentle exfoliation to the skin improves circulation and promotes regeneration of the skin cells.  This can be achieved through loofahs, washcloths, scrubs, and brushes.  You can also use body scrubs with sea salt which is gentle on the skin


*I used Naples Soap Company Sea Salt Scrub in Sunkissed. It exfoliated my legs beautifully and made my legs soft and smooth.
3.   Soften Hair and Skin – heat and moisture is the most effective way to soften the hair and skin – use of a good, natural shaving cream can also be the key to a bump-free bikini area.

4.  Minimize Friction – when moving an implement across your skin to remove hair, it is important to resist friction – this can be accomplished using soap or cream.  Soothing and creamy elements such as shea butter help the glide, so look for the right blend.

*I used Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream in Coconut Mango.  This has become my favorite shaving cream as it is highly concentrated so you need to follow the directions on the bottle which coincides with Deanna's step of softening the hair and skin.  Seriously if you haven't tried this shaving cream you are missing out. To finish I used Nivea In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion
What to do if you break out in pimples after removing hair?

1.      Soak a cotton swab in alcohol-free witch hazel and preferably cold aloe vera and apply to the bumpy area.

2.      After the witch hazel and aloe vera have evaporated, apply a few drops of pure, cold- pressed argan oil to the area. Use a gentle soap to eliminate further irritation.

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