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Suit Up, Ladies!

Monday, June 19, 2017 Olivia Lemley

Did you actually go to North Avenue Beach if you don't post a selfie in your trendy swimsuit? Can a vacation truly be a vacation without a new bikini? Is it really 2017 without an eco-friendly one piece?
No, no and NO! To keep your summer interesting, dress up your beach bods with By The Sea Swimwear for all your wet and wild adventures. With a brand founded by two daughters raised on the beach, you can expect only the best of quality from their swimwear. For some, sustainability is just a thought, but for these two sisters, it's lifestyle; Alycia and Christina have salt water running through their veins as they have been raised in a surfer's community. This has pushed them to create a line of swimsuits from recycled, eco-friendly material. Being so close to nature and all its beauty, they have also decided to dedicate portions of each purchase towards earth friendly foundations and charities. 

In order to make recycled fabrics...there needs to be materials recycled first. From the occidental side, it is important to recycle fishing nets in their neck of the woods. As a result of these nets and other post-consumer materials, the creation of recycled fabric is enabled. Better yet, you could never guess these sleek and smooth fibers were made from 100% recycled polyamide. 

"This luxurious fabric is tantalizingly comfortable and a win for you in every way." -By The Sea Team

On top of sustainability, these suits are made in the USA, providing our nation with addition job opportunities and they have a strict policy against child labor. It is important to take a closer look at the companies from which you are making your purchases. In today's day and age, there are unlimited opportunities to make your day to day purchases do more than just fill up your closet. 

In my personal collection of bathing suits, I have some suits that are good laying out by the pool and some that are good for water sports. I have been appreciating and admiring the effort behind the making of By The Sea swimsuits for this reason; they're universal. They are cute and trendy for beach days with your friends, but they are also functional for days wake boarding on the lake. When planning for trips, I will only be packing By The Sea suits because there is nothing worse than heading to a popular swimming hole to do some cliff jumping with a bandeau bathing suit top; we all know how that story ends--with your top up around your neck and children's eyes covered!
Take advantage of the opportunity to support a family-owned business, help reduce waste scattered across our Earth, and contribute to various earth friendly foundations and charities. Browse through By The Sea tops, bottoms, and one pieces along with children suits here!

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