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Real Good Juice Co. Serves Up More Than Good Juice

Saturday, June 24, 2017 Perry

If I ever did a juice cleanse, I would most likely be so overcome with hanger, I would eat my own hand.  Funny thing is, the juices at Real Good Juice Co. are so tasty, I've actually thought about giving it a try!  Located at 1647 N Wells St, in Old Town, Real Juice Co. is the cutest little juice bar I have ever seen; white washed brick walls, succulents on every table and hip hop playing over the sound system.  

Real Good Juice Co. also recently expanded their menu to offer a selection of healthy foods, including "real good toasts" and "real good bowls".  I tried the Avocatoast and I was blown away!  It's made with a thick slice of Floriole Bakery sourdough toast, chunky avocado mash, "not cheese" spread (almonds, garlic, olive oil, lime, black pepper, sea salt) and crushed red pepper. Being the avocado toast lover that I am, I of course got it with an egg on top!

Right now, on Saturdays and Sundays from 5pm to 7:01pm, guests can enjoy $2 off juices and $1 Real Good Feel Good shots.  Dubbed “Ecstatic 121 Minutes and 47 Seconds", it's Real Good Juice Co.'s take on Happy Hour!  Each bottle of juice contains over 3 lbs of organic, locally sourced produce, so no matter which juice you pick, you can't go wrong.  

With names like "Juice-Tin Bieber" and "Whitney Juice-ton", it's obvious that their sense of humor is just as good as their juice.  I highly recommend the "Bluice Wayne". It's blue in color and super tasty!  (super powers not included, unfortunately)

Go check out Real Good Juice Co. to try out all of the flavors for yourself - and don't be surprised if they are all your favorites.   That's totally normal!

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