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Hoops Never Left: See your favorite girls rocking the timeless accessory

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 Tyronita Bell

Hoop earrings have been named a new fashion trend this Summer, recently being worn by high profile models like: Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Adrianna Lima, and Emily Ratajkowski. However, for underrepresented women of color the "trend" never left!

For black women, hoops first became popularized in the 60's during the Black Power movement. It became a symbol of afrocentric style. Wearing them was a way for the women to embrace their blackness. During the 70's the accessory carried over the the Disco Era, being worn by music legends like Diana Ross. In the 80's, MC's like Salt and Peppa brought on the bamboo hoops which was and still is an iconic style among black women. 

Hoops have also played an important role in  80's and 90's chola style. In a piece written by Alexa Renee on, she explained how "The Chola "look" was first seen in working class Mexican neighborhoods in Southern California where Latin women dealt with gang warfare, violence and poverty. Chola women wore penciled-in thin eyebrows, thick winged eyeliner, darkly lined lips and teased their hair with Aquanet hairspray. They'd accessorize with hoop earrings, nameplate necklaces and baggy shirts."

For these groups the style has been copied, pasted, and resold for the masses to acquire. The only problem with that is women of color are often labeled with negative connotations and stereotypes while other groups can harmlessly rock the style with no judgements of who they are or their character. 

 The iconic accessory has become a staple in the jewelry box of women of color all over. Here are just a few of the many beautiful women embracing their own style and proving that hoops are nothing new:

Vicki Street
July 2015
photographed by Jameel Bridgewater
Nina James
Aug. 2015
photographed by Ana Victoria Bellini
Amari Lilton
Dec. 2015
Lashaun Shipp
Oct. 2015

Antonette Coleman
Jan. 2017

Sincere Butler
Feb. 2017
photographed by Christopher Adam Taylor
Bianca Sedano
Feb. 2017

April 2017
photographed by Kyle LaMere

Ciara Moore
April 2017
Brianna White
May 2017

Raven Rosado
May 2017
Ry Douglas
June 2017
photographed by Marisa Ramirez
Zarinah Seleska
June 2017
photographed by @blackbirrds

Selah Marley
June 2017

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