#ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting against

#ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting Thank you The Body Shop

Friday, June 02, 2017 Michelle Landriault

I dont take animal testing lightly, and I will not post any explicit photos of it in this article, because frankly, my heart can't take it. I cry immediately when I see any of these poor defenceless little animals getting sick, or tortured, and mutilated for human gain. I hate humans sometimes honestly, they treat animals with such disrespect and hurt. They should be treated with love, kindness, and care. They trust us, and we do this to them? 

Thank god for amazing companies like The Body Shop who take a stand against animal testing and really use their companies power for good! The Body Shop's Forever Against Animal Testing campaign has officially gone live. You too can help the world fight the good fight for these little fur babies. 
You may remember The Body Shop for their HUGE campaign back in 1989, when I say huge I mean it... it was the first EVER of its kind. Well now, they are coming back with an even bigger contribution to our society. The Body Shop with campaign partner, Cruelty Free International, the leading non-profit organization working to end animal testing, announced an ambitious goal to collect 8 million signatures from people all over the world by 2020 which will allow them to take their petition to the UN to request an international convention that bans animal testing globally– for good, everywhere and forever. 
Join The Body Shop in their mission to create an international ban on animal testing in cosmetics, on both products and ingredients, by signing the petition and sharing the campaign hashtag, #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting, with your friends to raise awareness for the issue. Your participation will count toward the 8 million signatures needed before taking it to the highest authority, the United Nations.

The Body Shop started this fight, now you can help them finish it. Sign the petition hereThebodyshop.com/ban-animal-testing, or go into any of The Body Shop’s 3,000 stores to sign, then share the hashtag, and spread the word. 

#ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting @TheBodyShop

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