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The Editorial Cut: Shopping Online for Affordable Chic Frames

Friday, May 19, 2017 Jen Lezan

For some, wearing glasses is just a fact of life. They might chose the look of frames over using contacts due to prohibitive maintenance cost or just because they like the style of frames. A typical visit to the eye doctor - dependent upon your insurance coverage can be a hefty price considering the cost of your check up and the fact that most frames range over $100 USD and as high as $400 USD.

More and more people are choosing to go the online route when it comes to purchasing their eyewear. Getting  your prescription glasses online is a lot easier today than it has been in the past. The products are high quality, affordable and there are many options to suit the needs of a variety of shoppers. The cost of glasses at the eye doctor can be incredibly high and at times overpriced. Here's a great video from Adam Ruins Everything that highlights some of the realities behind the pricing of glasses in the traditional retail market:

There is enough online price competition going after this informed consumer audience, that prices have stayed low. These guys have carved out their own niche online. They don’t compete for un-informed consumers like Luxottica does. One way to combat this is to educate yourself on your options outside of the traditional retail model and that is where online shops factor in. Companies like glassesshop.com The digital industry has once again disrupted the traditional retail model and shopping for  eyeglasses and glasses online is one way that has allowed accessibility and convenience to the market. Recognizing the need for change within the eyecare industry and coupling that with available technology began the course of disruptive innovations.

Shopping for glasses online is simple and cost effective. The best part though is that there are so many options available. There are many different websites to chose from. One option that offers a wide selection of styles, great price points and weekly deals is www.glassesshop.com. Here are few tips to keep in mind when buying your glasses or prescription sunglasses online.

Get ahold of your prescription. You can give your eye doctor a call and request your prescription if you don't have it already and make sure you also request your pupillary distance or you can measure it yourself. Here's a great video showing you how:

Figure out what frame size you need. If you have a pair of glasses, then you are in luck as the numbers on the inside of the arm offer those. You are likely to see three numbers, the first is usually the lens width, the second is the bridge width and the third is the temple arm length.

You may also want to figure out what frame shape will work best with your face shape. Here are some pointers to consider:

  • Round-shaped faces: Frames for a more round-shaped faces generally have strong details, wider than tall lenses, nose pads to keep the frames off the cheeks. 
  • Square-shaped faces: frames that generally work for squared-shaped faces feature round or up-swept shapes, thinner frames, and neutral colors. 
  • Oval-shaped faces: If you’re looking for a frame to compliment an oval-shaped face, be on the lookout for a frame with bold shapes, fun colors and textures, and size that maintains balance. 
  • Heart-shaped faces: If you have a heart-shaped face, frames with a wider forehead, details on the lower half, and lighter colors may be your best bet.
You should also know what type of lenses you need. Most nearsighted and farsighted people need single-vision lenses, which have only one corrective power. Single vision lenses are also used to for reading glasses, to correct presbyopia (when you have trouble focusing on objects at a close range.) Multifocal lenses have two or more different corrective powers. Bifocals and progressive lenses fall into this category.

Glassesshop.com  has options for women, kids, men and even has prescription sunglasses. They have an array of beautiful trendy looks and classics that suit a variety of styles. We recently completed our latest Editorial Cut Featuring their Bruns Round style.

I loved the  combination of vintage and modern styling that complemented my face shape and my overall style. The black frames make it easy for them to be styled with many different looks. For this editorial cut I styled it with a retro inspired 50s full tea length skirt dress in red and white polka dots. I dubbed this dress my minnie dress. You can pick it up on Amazon HERE.  The Bruns Round eyeglasses are made of handmade Italian acetate, lending a premium and high-quality feel to this style. The gold adds a feminine and luxurious touch to the glasses. The metal bridge and antiallergic adjustable titanium nose pads provide a customizable fit for a wide range of nose shapes and sizes. This frame is suitable for both men and women no matter you are looking for single vision or progressive lenses. Black, tortoise and clear three colors are available. You can pick these up here

Glassesshop.com was also kind enough to offer our readers a special coupon code for up to 50% off all eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses with the exception of sales frame! Use GSHOT50 at check out!! 

Hope you enjoyed this editorial cut! 

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