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Summer Must Have: See Things Differently with Rainbow OPTX

Friday, May 26, 2017 Celia A. Pena

Hello fellow readers! As it seems, the summer season is upon most of us but for cities like Chicago, it hasn't quite gotten there yet. (wamp wamp) However, despite the lack of summer-like weather, we should always be prepared for the sunny days that  are ahead and what better way to start than with a new pair of sunglasses right? Well, the sunglasses that I recommend are not your ordinary black lenses with a basic black frame (which I admit are equally trendy and will never go out of style) but instead these shades are a hot little number that goes by the name Rainbow OPTX.  I was given the chance to try them out for myself, and the result is that they are definitely a summer must have!!!
Want to know more about this awesome brand?  Then please, keep on reading. :)

Founded in 2014 by Noel Churchill of San Diego CA, these fun and colorful sunglasses came into existence through his own realization of how important color is in our lives. After trying on a pair of diffraction frames, which alters white light so it appears as a full rainbow spectrum, it became apparent to Churchill that color and mood are connected in a way that affects our well-being. Surprisingly, this is also true when it comes to how we perceive and respond to color when we are wearing sunglasses as well.  His realization regarding the significance of color in everyday eye-wear not only paved the way for the creation of the company but it also inspired a new outlook on the world that Churchill came to appreciate, and he chose to share it with all of us by creating Rainbow OPTX.  

While, these sunglasses come in a variety of shades and offer full UV 400 protection against UVS and UVB rays, what makes them especially unique is the color selection.

The products themselves make their own little "statement" making them "one of a kind" in their own sense but even more so to the person who wears them. The colors (shown below) come in 10 shades, and each one is associated with it's own Chakra, focus, and specialized need, which not only channels a particular positive energy, but also provides guidance as to what it is spiritually that you may be seeking.

Amazingly, all of this is achieved from the color you see with your own eyes through the lenses.

What is not shown on the list, but I will include as well, is that each color  collection also says something  about the kind of color it is, which would therefore reflect upon yourself as well.
For example, I chose to try out the violet lens, and the statement attached to the color was "I KNOW",  almost as if to say, this is what my shades say about me or this is the sentiment I am trying to evoke.  I have listed the rest of them below so you all can have a better understanding of what I (or the shades) might be trying to say.

Magenta = I Transcend 
Violet = I know
Indigo = I See
Blue = I Speak
Aqua = I Express
Green = I Attract
Pink/Rose = I Love
Yellow = I Do
Orange = I Feel 
Red = I Am 

Finally, aside from the fun color selection, Rainbow OPTX also offers a good variety of frames so that you can further customize the sunglasses to your own liking. They come in all of the colors shown above and range  are available in five frame styles which are Wayfarer, Aviator, Round
Cat eye, and Heart shaped. By choosing your own color and frame style, you're guaranteed a set of sunglasses that was made to cater to your style and spirit. :)
(Note: All Sunglasses regardless of color or frame retail at $29.97 USD) 

So, now that you all have some information about the products, I'm going to give you my take and what I thought about them after trying them out.


I must say that I was super excited when I received my Sunglasses in the mail. As far as packaging goes, they came in the cutest little pouch that matched the color of the sunglasses and included a color list (like the one showed previously) to explain the color I chose as well as the other colors of the other shades.

 As I mentioned previously, I chose to try out the violet color, simply because I love all shades of purple, and to add a little love to my indie grunge/street style, I paired the violet color with the heart-shaped frames. Let me just say I was definitely NOT disappointed. The shades not only looked great on, but they also complimented my very dark and all black wardrobe by being the statement  for many of my outfits in their entirety. They fit nicely on my face, and the color was just WOW.  While it was quite fun to see the world in purple, the only minor downside that I experienced was that after wearing them for a long time and then removing them , my vision seemed a little weird and took a minute or so to adjust to seeing the world in normal color again.

Other than that however, I thought they were a great accessory to compliment my style and I received plenty of compliments on them because of their unique color and frame. I also particularly liked how my sunglasses's "motto" is  I know, because when I wore them, there was a sense of empowerment as if I knew I was ready to take on my day with a confident mindset.

I can attest that the sunglasses do provide a kind of mood boost and make you feel great. That is not to say that other sunglasses do not have the same affect, but I would be lying if I said that there wasn't something special about the sunglasses from Rainbow OPTX.

The verdict: It's a summer must have.

Me and my awesome Rainbow OPTX shades !

If you would like some more information or would like to purchase a pair of these colorful sunglasses, they are available for purchase on their website at

You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram

FB: RainbowOPTX
Insta: @RainbowOPTX


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