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Reinventing Yourself This Spring!!

Monday, May 22, 2017 My Style Authority

There is always a special ring to the word Spring. After a long chilly winter, spring arrives like a romantic rebel armed with barrels of adrenaline, wakes us up from our snowy slumber and zings up our lives with youth. Everything about spring is beautiful. Everything about spring is delightful. Everything about spring is refreshing. Everything about spring is sensuous. The whole world seems to be engrossed in satisfying the senses by soaking in the pleasant weather, charming sounds, gorgeous views and tasty fruits. Spring is a healer and it takes away our sorrows. This magical season is all about overhauling youth, powers and appearance.

Fashion and beauty trends of Spring 2017 can be best described as fresh, sporty and definitely young. So, shed the shackles of shyness and unleash your passionate avatar by coloring your lips bright orange-red. While it would be a fun-tastic idea to try out crazy shades like blue and green to smear your lucky lips, you might also consider using two tone lipsticks. Another code of the day being shimmer; be bold and try on a metallic eye makeup by choosing from aqua, lavender and even gold. When it’s spring, it only makes sense if we experiment with all new things. Our intuitions say that stripes and painterly prints shall rule the fashion front this spring. Since the vernal attitude is that of comfort and elegance, both these elements will be reflected in couture as well. As you gals go gaga and let your hair down, just keep a tip or two in mind. Long bangs are here to stay because they are as versatile as you are. But, if you are craving for a fringe and are worried about the texture, let us assure you that fringe works on all textures. Umm, OK, they even work on curls! On your next visit to salon don’t forget to ask for a blend of short and long pieces inside your bang. It is always satisfying to don a chic and natural look and in order to ace that you and your hairstylist must have a frank convo. Apparently, Shags too are not going anywhere. This year you might use this all-rounder as well to up your style quotient. MyStyleAuthority will ensure that you accomplish all these with absolute ease, and of course, in style.

Before going bonkers over molting off your winter blues, you might find it rather cool to know about a few spring rituals. Spring is perhaps the ideal season to regroup our priorities and reinventing ourselves and our lives. These help us a long way in our spiritual upliftment and are in a way fun to do. You might start with de-cluttering - both your living space and emotional baggage. Donate household items and especially clothes to charity (make sure they are in good condition though). Gift books that you no longer read to the local library. Clean up the kitchen and closets and throw away anything beyond its expiration date. It is important to learn to let go, so that you stop holding on to the past and allow new things to happen. Long story short, start thinking positively and be a new you. When you are reinventing yourself, it is a good practice to start a new practice. Trust us, a new discipline infuses mindfulness into our lives and provides a breather from our daily monotony. You might enroll for a new course: cooking, baking, gardening and ballet are great options. You might start learning a new language, which might come handy during your next foreign vacation. We know some people who have taken up yoga and meditation for that much needed spiritual detox and others that have given up the wheels and started walking. Change your perspective and the world will definitely look beautiful and we can promise that the transformation shall be even more bewitching because it’s spring! Many of you might be planning for that next trip since the last year. It is time you gift yourself the much awaited retreat that holds all the promise to help you reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Spring is about everything new. So, go ahead and rejuvenate your life by drawing inspiration from its elements.

In the course of reinventing yourself this spring, don’t forget to visit the various flower festivals that take place across the U.S. Flowers, like babies, can de stress us easily, hence we love them. During May-June, Biltmore Blooms (Asheville, NC), Portland Rose Festival (Portland, OR), Lilac Festival (Mackinac Island, MI) and Tulip Time (Holland, MI) enthrall visitors with their floral celebrations, carnivals, music, food, drinks and lots of ice cream! What are you still waiting for? Drape your curves in fifty shades of yellow and relish the lovely spring with a large cone of your fav flavor.

With LOVE- My Style Authority

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