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Giving Back While Laying Back

Monday, May 22, 2017 Olivia Lemley

The sun, the fun, and the heat are all in season! It is now the time for cruising through the outdoors. Whether you are headed to the park with family, hiking a few trails with friends, checking out the lakeshore vibes, or headed to the dunes, don't even think about leaving home without a hammock. Beach chairs are heavy and a pain to haul to and from your destinations; they seem to be heading towards extinction with hammocks being the latest and greatest of the season.

I have found that having a hammock in the trunk of my car at all times allows me to adventure off into paradise for any free time I have available. In-between classes, after a long day of work, or just to get away from the typical norm, you can grab a friend (or book) and hang in some trees.

Now if you live a life more on the rugged side, you can look forward to your Grand Trunk hammock becoming your new tent for all your summer trips. It is lightweight, packable and durable up to 400lbs. For you adventure seekers, I recommend the Skeeter Beeter Pro Hammock. With a deluxe insect shelter, you can enjoy a carefree night under the stars to rest up for your next day's explorations. 

My experience with browsing through hammocks is that many companies offer plain, single-colored hammocks at higher prices. Luckily, Grand Trunk caters to those looking for some color to brighten their day and to put a bit more pep in their step. I love checking out the variety of eccentric patterns in the Nylon Prints category, but a couple of my favorites come from the Flag Series. I am excited to announce that Grand Trunk has joined my two loves into oneChicago and traveling. My jaw just about dropped as I stumbled across the Chicago Flag Hammock. Dramatic I may be, but can life really get any better than that? 

Hanging from trees is a wonderful and emancipating experience, but we cannot forget it takes two trees to hang a hammock. I have found it all the more meaningful to support philanthropic companies through my day-to-day purchases. Grand Trunk has seized an opportunity to be a socially responsible brand and support our National Forests. For every dollar you donate to the The National Forest Foundation’s Trees for US program via Grand Trunk's website, they will match your donation. Why would you ever need to make donations for the National Forests elsewhere? Here, you can double your impact and do your part to fund reforestation of our beautiful country. Make sure to not only enjoy tanning season, but to appreciate the vibrant outdoors as well. Join the race to keep it green and allow our environment to thrive!

CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: Try to find a cooler way to show off your perfect day in the sun than an Instagram post of yourself, in your hammock, peering over a killer viewor over six of your friends doing the same exact thing.
PC: Montanna Binder (@bigskymontanna)
Western Washington University

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