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Clinique BIY Drops Review

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 Michelle Landriault

Clinique is one of my faveorite brands, most of my followers are used to hearing that. They are always thinking about what is coming up, new ideas, and incorporating the greatest skincare of all time. They are one of the only department store skincare brands I'll trust, honestly. Not only do they have great products that perform well, but they are at a price point I can afford.

These new BIY drops are the BOMB, and they are coming out at the perfect time. Spring and Summer are ideal for toning down the makeup, well at least for me on some occasions. I like to dress up and really go to the 9's with my makeup, even in summer, it doesn't matter what time of the year it is. However, if I'm just hanging out with some friends, and maybe hitting a local BBQ, I don't want to wear too much.

What I like about these versatile drops is, you can customize your coverage based on what you're using! Basically, you mix these little bad boys in with your moisturizer to create the perfect foundation for you. Use one drop for light coverage, 2 drops for medium, and 3 drops for fuller coverage. Its awesome!

My Review & Application Tips: 

-The package is small but dont let that fool you, these drops are super concentrated, and very travel friendly.
-squeezable packaging makes it super easy to use!
-DONT FORGET TO SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE BEFORE USING. These are super concentrated, and in a superlight dual phase formula that needs to be mixed well to activate before using.
-Coverage is a tad sheer, so don't be afraid to use 3, 4, maybe 5 drops if you're looking for more coverage. I also like to mix in a illuminating pigment as well... it made my face look like a sheer, angelic, dream.
-I noticed some people were complaining in the reviews about "streaky" finish, etc. I think it depends on what you're mixing it with. I used this with a couple different Clinique brand moisturizers, and I had no issues at all with that.

Try it for yourself and see! It's available wherever Clinique is sold for $33.00.

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to be for review, however my opinions are my own and truthful. There are no affiliate links used in this post, and this is NOT a sponsored post/advertisement. 

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