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Monday, April 03, 2017 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Hey readers!

Let's kick off the beginning of this week with a tech talk post! I wanted to share some great items that would work well in your office space. These can also be a great additions to a gift guide for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday next month! If you have a mom that works in an office, is tech savvy or enjoys functional gifts, these are sure to be a hit!

When it comes to creating a productive working environment, you can’t do without a good desktop computer or laptop and the right computer essentials: a keyboard and a mouse. Yet, a huge jumble of wires can be an eye sore if you are going for a modern and minimal look OR if you just want your space to feel neat and orderly. If you have been struggling with wires in your space, going wireless is a surefire way to get the clutter under control.  This type of accessory offers a high level of portability- you may look into the option of purchasing a foldable wireless keyboard. They are typically made from softer materials (like rubber) and can easily fit in the smallest carrying case or bag. Another great advantage of this type is that many of these are waterproof and dustproof!

In addition to the wireless keyboard, the main advantage of a wireless mouse over its corded version is the fact that with no wire to limit your movement, you can freely move around the room, place your mouse at a distance with your computer or laptop and, in general, have a more flexible working area. Here's a chic and modern version in Bamboo from West Elm

If you're phone is prone to dying due to overuse or a bunk battery, having a way to charge your cell is vital. If you are a business person on the go and are often working on your phone, being able to juice up on a shorts notice is incredibly important. A great option to have on on hand is the myCharge Style Power Water Color Portable charger. This chic little charger comes in a beautiful watercolor design. This stylish powerbank is the perfect solution for the fashionista who needs to stay charged on the go. Complete with an integrated USB recharge cable, the Style Power can be used about 500 times. It's a discreet and compact charger and fits right into a handbag. You can use your own cable to charge your smartphone, or other USB device, and use the integrated USB recharge cable to recharge your Style Power via computer, car or wall adapter.

Now, we all know that the work place can be a stress inducing experience. Yet, it doesn't have to be. My creating a space that is calming and allows you to center yourself, you can be productive and grounded. Aromatherapy in the workplace can give an office a quick, no fuss burst of positive energy and style. Essential oils can also add some much needed stress relief. Essential oils have qualities that can truly enhance your work  environment as well. From encouraging focus, to purifying the air, to boosting the mood, there’s something for every office personality. This Toilet Tree Diffuser adds to the relaxation effect by incorporating ultrasonic vibrations that turn water and essential oils into an ultrafine scented mist and feature LED light that illuminates water with soothing red, green, and blue colors. The elegant bamboo and glass design adds an element of style to a simple, but statement making office accent.

There you have it readers! Hope you enjoyed this latest edition of Tech Talk!


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