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Getting Acquainted: A Mini-Feature Introducing Indie Fashion Designer, Nigel Goodman

Friday, April 07, 2017 Celia A. Pena

Hello readers! I am back again with another exciting story for you all that allows you to get acquainted with a Chicago native, and indie fashion designer by the name of Nigel Goodman.
At just 23 years old, Goodman has always had a passion for fashion-designing. He started off by producing custom made miscellaneous pieces for a variety of close friends and personal clients. However as of lately and aside from his custom work, he has been focused on completing and launching his debut menswear collection which is in the works as of right now! (release date is a secret)

With so many new trends and brands being made available to the public, it is always refreshing to feature an individual who is on the road to accomplishing their dreams and working towards making a career out of something they love. I actually met Nigel Goodman a few months ago through a shared previous place of employment and after discovering that he was looking to make a career out of his talent for fashion design, I was granted the opportunity to ask him a few questions and get to know a little more about his passion but now..... all of you can get to know him too!
So without further ado, let's get acquainted with indie fashion designer, Nigel Goodman.
(See below for the mini-interview)

A photo of Nigel Goodman

So, what sparked your interest in fashion?

What initially sparked my interest in fashion, specifically fashion design, would be how distraught I’d become whenever I’d go to a mall or bigger stores like Macy’s and not be able to find anything worth getting.  That, and having a very strong interest in sneakers, which also ties into how I got into fashion. I always wanted to have pieces that stood out better than the current trends or whatever it was that people were sporting at the time.

How long have you been designing?

Currently, I’ve spent a little over a year working on my debut menswear collection that’s still in progress. Altogether though, I’ve been designing for about 6 years now.

Are you self-taught or did you study fashion?

The majority of the processes I’ve learned throughout my career designing has been self-taught, however, I did get a degree in Fashion Merchandising where I had to take up a few design classes that did strengthen my skills as a designer.

Are there specific trends/styles that inspire your pieces? If so, what are they?

My pieces are mostly inspired by styles of the past, primarily those of the 70’s and late 80’s. Another source of inspiration that I use while designing is vintage sportswear ads and European street style.

Who are some of your inspirations from the fashion industry?

Virgil Abloh of Off White, Samuel Ross of A Cold Wall, Jerry Lorenzo of Fear of God and Pharell. 

Thus far, what has been one of your most successful pieces?

From the sample pieces that I’ve assembled within the range of items I’m working on for my debut collection, the over-sized vest that I’ve created is the one I’ve gotten the most offers on. I’ve had people go as high $400 for it. 

Have you sold any of your pieces to companies/brands/other clientele? If not, who would you like to see your pieces worn by? 

I haven’t sold any of my latest line to anyone yet because I’m working out the production and other minor things prior to going into mass production. When things are finalized though, I’d like to see various musicians such as "Curren$y" sport one of my pieces as well as A$AP Ferg, Young Thug, and Bloody Osiris.  If Ol Dirty Bastard was still alive, well, he would be the first on my list.

What do you have in mind for the brand name?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the name just yet due to legal reasons but I can say that it is a lifestyle brand that focuses on menswear and in shorter terms, is driven by the exploration of “the road less traveled”. 

If you weren’t a fashion designer, what other kind of career would you want to pursue? 

Before taking up fashion and ultimately deciding to pursue a career in design, I received a partial scholarship that covered a large portion of my college expenses to get a degree in planetary, natural, and earth sciences with a minor in marine biology. After my program was over, depending on how well I did throughout the course, I probably would’ve ended up a scientist of some sort.

 Last but not least, what do you enjoy doing when you're not working on your fashion line?

When I’m not at work, I’m either practicing extreme relaxation or working on clothes. I’m not big on partying or even going out all the time, I’d much rather chill with a few people, listen to music, or look at clothing and sneakers online.

Although Nigel Goodman could not provide photos or sneak peaks of his new line, he did provide some awesome shots of some of the work he has done for others in the past.
(Check them out below!)

For Inquiries or if you'd like to contact Nigel Goodman for any kind of custom work, please let him know directly via email


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