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First Impressions: Trying out Trust Fund Beauty's "Lipgasm" Liquid Lipstick Line

Tuesday, April 04, 2017 Celia A. Pena

Hello beauty lovers! As of lately, I have been absolutely in love with liquid lipsticks, and trying to get my hands on all of them is really tough! Earlier in the week however, I was given a really awesome opportunity to  try out a couple of shades from a liquid lipstick line called "Lipgasm" by the indie beauty brand Trust Fund Beauty. I was super grateful to have been able to try them out and today I have my own little review of the products that I was sent.  If you've been looking for other liquid lipsticks to try, then I hope this review helps you figure out if  Trust Fund Beauty is the brand for you.!

Trust Fund Beauty was founded and created by Samara Granofsky in honor of her mother who passed away from cancer  Before her passing, and while dealing with Chemotherapy, Granofsky's mother had desired to see the development of a nail polish beauty brand that consisted of creative names, and inspired a fun fashion forward sense. At the time however, there weren't many beauty brands that offered what she was looking for.  It was a few years after February 2014 that Granofsky decided to launch Trust Fund Beauty creating the beauty brand that her and her mother had always dreamed of.

Although the company initially started off with the distribution of nail polish, they have also included other products within their beauty brand such as primers, makeup sets, and of course LIQUID LIPSTICKS. It's a brand inspired by a touching story and it gets better, they are CRUELTY FREE AND 100% VEGAN!
What's not to love !

I was very excited for getting to try out these awesome products, but now that you know a little about the brand, let's get into the review !


So, I was sent two shades from Trust Fund Beauty's "Lipgasm" line, and decided to try them out for a few days to test the wear-ability, how they complemented my skin tones, and overall what I had to say about the products.
A little general info about the products are that they

  • are described on the site as an almost matte finish
  • come in 0.18 fl oz plastic bottles
  • have doe foot applicators
  • are generally unscented with a very light "paint" kind of smell (which isn't a big deal for me)
  •  the shade names are absolutely adorable! 

and now for the "lipgasm" shades!

The first shade that I am seen wearing below and tested is K-Bye.

On the left is what I look like with the liquid lipstick on, and on the right is the intended color as seen on the website

On Trust Fund Beauty's website, the shade is described as a "dusty dessert rose with a hint of brown" but on me it was a very soft, neutral pink.
Now, pink is definitely not my go to color in any case, but surprisingly, the shade fit my skin tone well, it was fun color and certainly brought out the "delicate"side to my grunge/street appearance.

As far as wear-ability goes, it is exactly as the site states and is an"almost" matte finish. It has a nice sleek look but also has a nice moisturizing effect that I appreciated because some liquid matte lipsticks often dry my lips out. In addition, throughout the day it only needed about 2-3 re-applications, which for me, is not that big of a deal.

Other than that I actually thought it was a very flattering shade and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for the perfect soft pink girly liquid lipstick shade to add to their collection. Who knows, maybe this will become my new statement shade to give my all black grunge style just a smidgen of color. 

The second shade (which was my favorite by the way) is called "Rude Dude" 

On the left is what I look like with the liquid lipstick on, and on the right is the intended color as seen on the website

On Trust Fund Beauty's website, the shade "Rude Dude" is described as a vampy deep purple wine color and yes,yes, yes it is VAMPY.
Unlike the shade "k-bye" , "rude dude" is quite similar to the color that is shown on it's website, and can easily be achieved by applying two coats of the product.

Wear-ability was similar to the previous shade. It has a sleek application, with a moisturizing effect and a very slight mate finish. This shade also only needed an additional 2-3 reapplications throughout the day, but again, this was not much of a problem for me.

Overall, I absolutely loved the color, and I thought that this one in particular fit my preference much more than the other. Although they were both awesome shades, "rude dude" landed itself onto my personal favorites list.


After trying out both shades, I found that despite the fact that they were not transfer free, they both generally lasted for the majority of the day (only needing a few re-apps), and were very nicely pigmented. I would definitely recommend trying out their "Lipgasm" liquid lipstick line, especially if you are just staring out and are looking to try semi-matte products.

They retail at $22.00 each on their website, have plenty of cute shades, and the names only get more creative as you scroll. (Example: there's a shade called "liquid sex" that i am now dying to get my hand on because of how sexy it sounds  !)

They also have other products available on their site including assorted nail polish colors, makeup sets, and other beauty necessities like primers,

Oh, and let's not forget that they are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE!!!!!

If you're wondering where you can find out more information or even purchase these products, then please see below !

You can purchase any of their "Lipgasm" liquid lipstick shades/ nail polish colors/ or additional beauty products on their website at

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