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Come Travel with Me: A New York Minute

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Hi everyone! Jen Lezan here - So, earlier this month I attended the Project Entrepreneur Intensive for the Rent the Runway Foundation. It was a weekend of workshops, networking and learning about how I can grow the Halfstack brand!

I was surrounded by inspiring women doing amazing things with their startups. Crazy thing is, I almost didn't make it. Getting to NYC from Chicago was just the beginning of the adventure. As a planner, it's always stressful when things don't happen as you hope. But if there is one thing I learned from this weekend - it is to be open to the direction the universe has for you. 

I had to go with the flow and adjust with the ups and downs of the adventure and even though the weekend didn't go according to plan, it was even better than I had hoped because I not only made new friends, but I had the opportunity to experience it with my family. So, this video is my first attempt at vlogging and boy was it an adventure! From missed flights to 15 hour drives half way across the country, I'm working hard to try and live the life of my dreams on my own terms. It's never easy, but it's always worth the hard work. The first half of the blog is just me talking to the camera to kind of catch you all up as I didn't really talk "into" the camera as I was filming footage while I was out and about. BUT - hey you live, you learn! Now I know for next time :)! Also, part of my family makes an appearance which gives you a small glimpse into the other half of what drives and motivates me in life. 

If you like videos like this - let me know in the comments and I'll work on creating more. It's awkward as hell for me and I realize I make some hilarious faces as I talk, but if it lets me connect with you all on a more personal level, I'm down. To learn more about PE Intensive visit: You can keep up with us on snapchat @halfstackmag and instagram, twitter & facebook. 

Take care, 
Jen Lezan | Editor-in-Chief

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