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Chor Boogie's Visual Jazz exhibition benefits San Diego Youth

Sunday, April 30, 2017 Tyronita Bell

Chor Boogie is a visionary spray paint artist from Oceanside, California. His works frequently include vibrant colors, abstract figures and lots of eyes! The acclaimed creative grew influences from the San Diego and Oceanside street art culture.

Born Joaquin Lamar Hailey, his nickname comes from his routine of listening to music as he paints. The “chor” indicates the chore or work he puts into paintings and the “boogie” refers to his dance moves.

His works have been featured all around the world from places like the Smithsonian to the Vision Arts Festival in Crans- Montana, Switzerland. In 2010 he made history for street artists for selling his work called “The Eyes on the Berlin Wall” for 500,000 Euros.  His most well known clients include The Ritz Carlton, Google, MTV Arabia, and Heineken.

Credit: Monarch Arredon Contemporary Art 
Chor’s newest work called Visual Jazz is filled with metaphysical figures, bold colors and jazz related instruments like drums, bass, saxophone, the harmonica and more.

 The owner and director of the Monarch Arredon Contemporary shared that Visual Jazz is “focused on capturing the spirit of creativity that is shown through music. [it] has you hear the music through your eyes. They come alive while watching them. You can almost hear the band…it’s fun, t’s about dancing, it’s about enjoying life.” Chor creates an essence of the Masters of Jazz through abstract shapesand neon colors. Each work is painted exclusively with spray paint on canvas.

Credit: Monarch Arredon Contemporary Art
A percentage of the sales made from the Visual Jazz exhibition will go to benefit Writerz Blok, which is apart of the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation. They help young kids who may have run into trouble tagging and teaches them how to cultivate their skills as young artists. The organization offers a safe environment for youth to practice their art as well as educate and prepare them for the creative field. When chor began, this organization gave him guidance which helped him grow as an artist.

The exhibition will go on from now to June 3rd at the Monarch Arredon Contemporary Art (you can view their website here) in La Jolla, California.

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