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Hip Peas...the Hip Bath Products to Use on Your Kids

Friday, March 24, 2017 Danielle Hazekamp

When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew that I wanted to use the best as well as the safest products on her. In the beginning, we used The Honest Company products and as much as I love their bath products, I felt for a baby it was lacking in some areas. Thankfully, I took a chance on switching my daughter's bath products to Hip Peas. I have to be honest, I received these samples and was a little weary of "trying out" products on my daughter.  However, from all the info I had received and doing some research of my own these products are just as safe as The Honest Company and in some case even safer as far as their ewg ratings go.

The 3 products that I received were their Cradle Cap Care, Baby Foaming Bath Wash, and Baby Lotion. Out of the 3 the one I was looking most forward to trying was the Cradle Cap Care as my daughter from 4 months of age up until now (she is 15 months) has been battling cradle cap here and there.  To make matters worse she actually has a lot of hair so rubbing any kind of lotion/ointment doesn't work for us. I couldn't believe how effective this product was after just one use. We continue to use this before every other bath now to maintain. I highly recommend trying this if you little one is battling cradle cap.
Most baby bath washes are in a liquid form which is fine but I love that this wash is a foaming bath wash.  It is so easy to pump and lather onto a washcloth. Since my daughter gets her baths at night right before bed, she can be sometimes real crabby. Therefore with how easy this lathers up we can make bath time real quick. I am sure most of you parents out there can relate.  What I also love about this bath wash is how nice it smells and how the scent will linger on my daughter. That was one of the reasons I didn't care for the previous products we were using. I always felt like you couldn't smell any scent on my daughter especially in her hair. With this my daughter's hair has never smelled better and I have to say looked better. This leaves her hair soft and silky. 
Like the foaming body wash this lotion has the same amazing scent. What I also like about this lotion it that it tends to be a little more thicker than most baby lotions. In my mind the thicker the lotion the most effective it is.  This lotion for sure keeps my daughter's skin nice and smooth. 
Not only does Hip Peas have baby products they also have kids products that are just as safe as the baby products.  If you are interested to learn more about Hip Peas and their products, check out their site.

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