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Fashion and Fitness- Get Your Sweat Glam on at Fashion Outlets Chicago

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 Jennie Velasco

We've reached the spring equinox!  This means we are at this "almost summer" point to get our lifestyle change on!  Are you a little behind on the resolution bandwagon? Or are you basically at pro-athlete status now? Maybe its just time to freshen up your workout gear to motivate you to keep it going.  Now, the last place you would think to hit up for new digs is the mall and not just because you might not have enough options to shop, but the dreaded food court and its meal choices probably aren't helpful either.  Most of us humans prefer to make a one-stop and avoid large crowds.  No one blames you!

Fashion Outlets Chicago has made a conscious effort to provide world class brands like DVF, Gucci, Joe's Jeans and still cater to your athleisure needs too.  I visited Nordstrom Rack, Lululemon, and Puma to view some of the affordable options with knowledgeable staff and lots of extras!  They were able to give me fitting options and some insight on comfort based on my activity.  If you're familiar with a big box store like Nordstrom Rack, you know that their product varies on a daily basis, so you will have to approach your shopping technique with some "first come, first serve" attitude.  This especially applies to my plus size ladies!  Currently the Rack is testing out a lot of product throughout their stores and are barely able to keep up with demand, so get it while its fresh!  You can find complete outfits at Nordstrom Rack for less than $75 from brands like Adidas, Fila, Nike, and KSwiss.

The Puma store just recently released the Swan Pack Collection that was in collaboration with the New York City Ballet.  They were comfortable and feminine with a touch of holographic elements in them. Store manager Jamie also clued us into the product that is available in their store is outlet exclusive, which debunks the tossed around myth of outlets carrying seasoned items or markdowns.  In fact, Rihanna's Fenty collection is also available here with some exclusives that you won't find in regular priced stores.  Their shoes are known for their soft foam technology (similar to memory foam) however the key difference is its capacity to release energy.  Meaning, it allows for heat to escape which can be uncomfortable when doing high impact activities.

Lululemon carries the same quality across all its stores.  The items available at the outlet are markdowns coming from regular price stores.  Known for their yoga apparel, their product caters to all sports and activities and are available for men too.  Lululemon also partners with CorePower Yoga and the Barre Code to hold free classes at MB Financial Park across the street from the mall.  The staff here has some incredible knowledge on fit and technology, depending on your comfort level and your own style.  I was given a few secrets on what Lululemon offers...the first, is free hemming! For example, popular yogis love the extra long yoga pants that cover the heels of their feet.  If that is not your flavor, Lululemon can hem within a 3 day span and have them ready and customized just for you!  Also, this store tends to hold random flash sales, so if you are planning to make a quick trip over there, CALL AHEAD!  You never know what kind of deals you may get!

If you're looking to fuel up after your shopping adventures, you may want to make a stop at David's Tea or Freshii. David's Tea offers more than 150 different kinds of tea with innovative flavors, punny names, and top line ingredients. The staff here also come with reccomendations with some of the benefits of tea to and new flavors.  They just recently launched their "Malt Shop" teas which include flavors like mint chip sundae, strawberry shake, and vanilla swirl.  All of them are soft with some creamy notes and just a hint of sweetness and are definitely worth a try!
Freshii had some incredible samples to try and are known in the food court as the healthy fast food option.  Available to sample was the Metaboost salad with some ingredients to boost your metabolism and help with digestion.  The Mango Tango smoothie and the Mighty Detox juice were both incredibly flavorful and definitely made me feel like my skin was glowing afterwards. A cooking demonstration was also offered to us via Le Creuset and led by Chef Corey Rice who has appeared on Master Chef!

If this wasn't enough for you, the Fashion Outlets still have a lot more for you to check out for your workout gear.
Check out these stores on your next visit:
  • Asics
  • Finish Line
  • Nike Factory Store
  • Skechers 
  • Vitamin World
 For more information on some of the fabulous amenities that Fashion Outlets provides (like their Green Savings card, concierge service, and red carpet service) visit their website HERE.

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