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Clarins Spring Makeup/Skincare 2017 ♡

Friday, March 24, 2017 FashionablyDesired

Happy Spring, so last month I got the awesome opportunity to have breakfast with the brand Clarins and preview some of the new spring product launching! So over the course of breakfast we got a chance to look at some of the new spring launches. It's taken me some time to get this post up because I really wanted to test all of the items out and give my thoughts on them!

This photo is just a preview of some of the newness that was launched. So I'm a huge skincare junkie and Clarins makes amazing skincare win win. The new launches of skincare are the Hydra-Essenstial cream and serum. I love using them both together, plus they smell great and make my skin so soft and smooth. I was really nervous testing it out because I have oily skin but the serum worked amazing and kept my skin super hydrated while not leaving me looking oily or a grease ball. The formula on these both are light and just blend and melt into your skin easily.

Since we are on the subject of skincare here are more times that were launched! More Foundations, a contour palette , new lipsticks , eyeshadows, translucent powder/blotting sheets (you can repurchase blotting refill papers separately) and this super 90's nostalgia eyeliner pen. Clarins also launched Body Fit which is an anti-cellulite control treatment. I've played around with all of these things, and I must say I do enjoy them all. I'm also a makeup artist so any shades that are too light for me I have and can use them on my clients!

So this for sure has to be one of my absolute favorite times that was launched. Clarins 4- Color All in one Pen! How awesome is this like seriously you get 4 products in one, 3 eyeliners and a lip liner! I love this one because its super fun to use but its also so convenient to use and have. I've been using them quite a lot and it's super easy to throw in a makeup bag or just gravitate towards because I have 3 eyeliners in one , and it makes my life super easy to have everything all in one. If you haven't seen or heard of these I suggest going out and trying them because I love this pen! Thank you Clarins for coming out with such a fun and innovative product. Definitely a staple in my collection now.

As for the cream shadows those will forever be a favorite of mine as well as their eyeshadows . Amazing formula and super bendable and easy to use. I love wearing these out alone or I will wear them and layer with different eyeshadows. I have some of the ones that launched last spring and I love wearing wearing them! These are great for those days when you want to be glam or if you just need a minimal pop of color to add to your lid.

Contour Palettes are everywhere but what makes this one special to me is the simplicity and amazing formula! Oh and you also get a brush with this as well which makes it even better. For my skin tones these shades work better as blush but I have tried them on friends and they look great on them for contour. Not harsh or to heavy just the right amount for the perfect sculpted face

I just wanted to give you guys my highlights from the new spring launches. Lip care was not forgetton don't forget to go on their website and checkout some of the new lip products just lauched but also some of the regular collection. You can never have too many lipstick and spring is the perfect time to add a pop of color. Thank you so much Clarins for having me, and I look forward to what newness will be launching next!

Have you guys tried anything from Clarins new spring line? What product has you most excited leave some comments below and lets talk! Here's a link to their website  - http://www.clarinsusa.com .

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