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Astral: Getting Creative for Conservation

Sunday, March 19, 2017 Olivia Lemley

Conservation is a term that has been tossed around quite a bit. Since global warming is so evident during these comfortable, "winter" months, the need for sustainability has become more of a topic. Unfortunately, a lot of times it only goes as far as chatter. Many of us realize what needs to be done, but no actions are put into place. That is why brands like Astral are so admirable.

Astral designs bring conservation efforts to your fingertips. Their team provides you with the opportunity to make ethical buying decisions while browsing for footwear. Not only are these high performance athletic shoes, but they are multi-functional. From running errands, to hiking, to trudging through creeks, they will be dependable. They are exceptionally lightweight for active lifestyles, have superlative grip, and are designed for quick drainage. Not to mention, they are cute and casual!

When choosing your pair of shoes for the day, you often times have to ask yourself a series of questions: Is it going to rain? Am I going to be moving around a lot? Will my shoes be getting dirty? Astral provides the dream pair of sneakers; you don't have to worry about where you go in them! They are adapt and capable to go through almost anything.
A style that particularly caught my eye was the Brewess. I live a very active lifestyle, and the most attractive features of this style are the unbelievable grip, easy and quick drainage, and colorful options. Hiking back up the river with a 47 lb. kayak is no problem in Astral's top-performing gear! This is a shoe that I can rely on to be universal and keep up with my outdoor activities. The cherry on top is its lightweight design. You won't be dragging your feet once you make it out for a bite to eat after your adventures.

Buying a pair of shoes may not seem like you are moving mountains, but it definitely doesn't hurt. It is important to focus on low environmental impact companies, like Astral, because their efforts are making a difference. They have heard the chatter, and put ideas into action to do their part.
So here is your March trend report: Sustainability is in style. Get excited about brands that are socially responsible and environmentally friendly, because they're on the rise.

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