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ACME Hotel Heats Things Up This Winter

Thursday, March 16, 2017 Perry

There's a hot new bar in town!  No,'s a hot tub bar.  ACME Hotel, 15 E Ohio St, recently debuted a new bar on their lower level, Bunny Slope.  This vintage slope-side styled bar is centered around a hot tub that can accommodate about 10 guests.  The menu, true to theme, features cocktails like, "Chalet Frappe" and "Apres Ski".  Want to rent out this snow bunny dream for the evening?  Here are the Bunny Slope rates:

  •  Sunday - Wednesday $75/Hr beverage minimum
  • Thursday - Saturday $150/Hr beverage minimum 
 * 150 non-refundable room rental

ACME hotel also gave their upper level lounge area a makeover and launched with The Fifty/50 Group, Bodega Bar!  The new space is much more open and inviting, with 1970's-like decor.   A wooden turn table cabinet sits on one side of the room, playing out vinyl tunes, while a full bar features drinks named by their colors and flavors!  

My two favorite drinks are the "Fizzy Blue" (gin, cocchi americano, blue curacao, lemon, absinthe) and the "Frosty Negroni Colada" (rum, campari, pineapple, coconut).  I can't wait to enjoy these cool drinks once the weather heats up! 

Until then, grab your swimsuit and head on over to ACME Hotel to escape this weird bout of March snow we are having!

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