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Valentine's Day Fragrance Gift Guide ♡

Wednesday, February 08, 2017 FashionablyDesired

Valentine's Day is so close and time is ticking. Whether you want to smell Sexy and Seductive, or Sweet and Flirty. I've got my top four picks of scents for this Valentines day I want to share with you! The scent you wear and share that day is the perfect touch to complete your look.

The first scent I want to talk about is "Vera Wang - Lovestruck" which is such a Sexy scent. It's a fruity floral/ fresh musky scent which I absolutely love and the Guava note it just makes it so much more desirable. I'm going to have a hard choice myself picking which scent to wear on Valentine's Day, but I will say when I have worn this scent out , I have got nothing but compliments of how great I smelled!

Next up is "Calvin Klein - The One" it's a scent that is universal for him and her! I have to go with this being a Seductive scent, I love the fact that men or women can wear this! This is for sure a Lavish scent and very intimate in my opinion. A few standout notes in this scent are, Fresh Pineapple, Papaya, Jasmine, and Rose. It is another musky scent but with a twist. I've worn this scent out quite a bit and it's for a sure a scent I'll be keeping in my collection, for those special days when I need to be a little seductive.

"Prada Candy Kiss" for all of my candy girls out there, but this one comes with a twist! Charming and Flirtatious, definitely a scent with some personality. Upon hearing the name I loved it , but once I smelled this scent I was sold. It's a soft flirty scent with notes of White Cotton, and Orange Blossom, and Suave Vanilla. I adore Orange Blossom so much which is why I think I'm so obsessed with this scent. This scent is addictive, one that you can enjoy as well as the others around you.

"Ari by Ariana Grande"the ultra feminine , floral, woodsy, musk scent with a hint of marshmallow. It's Sweet as can be, and the bottle of this perfume is so cute to begin with. I know your probably seeing a trend here, but each of these scents have something different to offer. I could imagine myself wearing this in the ultimate girly pink outfit or something pretty and pastel ! Whatever it would be it would be something fun and sweet where I could definitely showcase my ultra girly side.

All of the lovely scents, and many more can be found at Check them out and find your perfect scent before it's too late! Apparently I'm obsessed with like Musky/fruity/floral scents, but in reality I just like to smell good hahaha!

What scent speaks to you the most? Have you tried any of these out? Comment below and let me know what are your favorite scents and what you'll be wearing this Valentine's Day!

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