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Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 07, 2017 Olivia Lemley

Celebrating Valentine's Day isn't just about giving chocolates to your significant other. Celebrate your partner in crime or even yourself, because why the heck not. Celebrate that you are strong enough to resist the annual scramble to find a Valentine's Day date just to be socially accepted. Let's be honest, it is more socially acceptable now-a-days to be strong, independent and spending time with friends than with a subpar stranger you rounded up the night before. Like my good ol' friend Justin Bieber says...

Contrary to popular belief, Valentine's Day is not just a Hallmark holiday (although society has seemed to have made it similar to one). The exact origins of the holiday are not exactly clear, but the theories revolve around one Saint Valentine. This was the day in which they held an ancient ceremony that consisted of putting the names of girls of the town into a box and allowed the boys to pick at random from the pool of names. This was function was pairing off couples to be together until the following year. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to be celebrating that this ugly tradition is over! Celebrate, enjoy independence, and spoil yourself because you are AWESOME.

Spoiling yourself doesn't always mean to buy yourself a ponybut it could! My idea of spoiling myself means buying the things I drool over when scrolling online, so here's a starter for your searching:

Comfort is key when working out or lounging about. My perception on comfort is that the garment has to be aesthetically pleasing to feel confident while wearing it, be made with quality fabric that does not sag and stretch throughout the day, and does not require me to constantly adjust it on my body. DYI and Project Social T satisfy all three of the requirements. On top of all the coziness, you're gong to need some bling to spruce it up. Luckily, Beth Quinn Designs can help with that.

DYI Leggings:

I've hit gold with this brand. Not only do they infuse fashionable clothing and healthy living into a brand, but they push towards a balanced mindset. Looking and feeling amazing has never been better than with DYI's collection of activewear. The leggings, in particular, are where I struck gold. They are high-wasited, and I mean above your bellybutton high. This is great to pair with workout tops that might flow or show a bit too much. This feature is also very flattering to your figure; similar to spanx, your hips and abs will be looking as toned as ever! Not to mention, the styles and prints are nothing short of flawless. I have a special love for bold printed pieces, but there are also edgy yet subtle styles like the All Zipped Up Tight leggings.

Project Social T Tops:

If you take a poll on how you prefer your clothing for lounging around, comfortability will win; if you take a poll on how you prefer your clothing for going out, style will win time and time again. Project Social T is the perfect bridge between the two. While being cozy in a soft rayon shirt, you can go out to the bars and parties feeling confident. I find myself with half a closet full of clothing for going out and half for lounging. It is so much easier to have pieces that can do both! I am all about their collection of long sleeve tees and bodysuits right now. I have fallen in love with this company because it gets me more bang for my buckmy money goes towards getting myself some new pieces for the wardrobe as well as different charities. Each tag shows which charity you will be contributing to by purchasing the garment. Now that's the best bargain in the business!

Beth Quinn Designs Necklace:

The following line has been used by every woman, multiple times in her life:
 "Oh, I have nothing to wear." 
False, false, FALSE. You have outfits available, you just don't have the right accessories; accessories bring life to bland outfits. They can change the mood of an outfit from a casual day time look to an outfit perfect for date night. Beth Quinn Designs provides an assortment of different styles to fit your every need for any occasion. My favorite part is the collection of one-of-a-kind necklaces. Everyone loves to feel special and unique, so why not add to it with your own original or personalized piece. All this beautiful beading and designing is done by a mother out of Arizona. Just to keep in mind, as we purchase products from family-owned companies, it is much more meaningful for both us, as the consumers, and the brand from which we are buying our products (plus it keeps our economy afloat, and we all love that).

Here are some more favorites to check out!

Yes, enjoy the big things of Valentine's Day like the day-after sales on chocolate and flowers, but don't forget to embrace the little things most may not always focus on.

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