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Meet the Brand: Strut 365 Beauty Product Portfolio (Brought to you by European Wax Center)

Friday, February 03, 2017 Celia A. Pena

Hello awesome readers ! It's that time of the year again where Valentine's Day is almost upon us and what better way to prepare for the holiday than discovering the latest beauty products brought to you by none other than European Wax Center. (If waxing is you're thing or is something you've been wanting to try out, then please keep reading)

Though the franchise is primarily known for their waxing services, European Wax Center is now offering their own specialized product portfolio of beauty and skincare products which goes by the name of Strut 365. Their beauty, bath, and skincare portfolio features three distinct collections: The Strut Boldly Brow Collection, Strut Smoothly Skin Care Collection, and Strut Lavishly Bath Collection. All three collections cater to the body or face, providing a little extra tender love and care after your waxing experience.. Below, I have listed each collection along with how it works, and why it's beneficial if you are already a lover of waxing or are thinking about becoming a first time waxer.

The first collection that I'd like to mention, is the Strut Lavishly Bath collection.

Whether it is shaving or waxing, our natural body and face hair never manages to fully "stay away" and yes, that means that it will keep coming back. .However, one of the biggest perks of Strut's body wash, lotion, and body polish,,as noted on European Wax Center website, is that they genuinely slow the growth of hair in between appointments while also keeping the skin nurtured and looking fresh,thus  allowing you to enjoy your smooth, flawless skin for a little while longer before your next appointment. The products in the photo (as shown above) are known as "Graceful Strut" which is infused with the scents of freesia, white rose, muguet, and white musk. There also two additional scents: Cheeky Strut, which includes hints of  mandarin, naartije, mango soft peony, and violet & Sensual Strut which includes notes of vanilla, amber, apricot, jasmine, and lily. The packaging is also color coded so you can distinguish which scent works best for you and all of their products in the Strut Lavishly Body collection retail at $16 each.

The second collection that is offered in the Strut 365 product portfolio is the Strut Smoothly Skin Care collection.

Who wouldn't want well-nourished skin right?  Using what is known as their"Comfort Blend", Strut 365's  Smoothly Skincare collection aims to minimize the appearance of hair bumps, and keep the skin nourished while also restoring the look of dull or dry skin.

The collection itself is comprised of: Smooth me Ingrown Hair Serum,Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Wipes, Reveal Me Body Exfoliating Gel, Reveal Me Face Exfoliating Gel, and Renew Me Restoring Serum. This line offers exfoliants and serums for both the face and body, which can be used before or after watching, and is noted on the website that their lightweight formula even makes it gentle enough for daily use if preferred. This collection comes only one set/fragrance at the moment and retails for different prices based on the product (see the below list of price points)

Last but not least, and possibly my favorite feature of the entire Strut product portfolio is Strut 365's Boldy Brow collection.

Let's face it... the modern day fetish is all about the brows and yes Strut's Boldly Brow Collection has all the brow essentials that you need. This collection includes: Browfection Powder Duo, Browfection Brow Liner and Shaper, Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter, Ready, Set, Brow ! Perfect  Brow Groomer, Sucha Tweeze Slanted Tweezer, and Brow Pals Dual Ended Brow Brush. 

Each product attributes to helping your brows look "on fleek" whether you get your brows waxed or tweezed. The powder duo, liner & shaper, and dual ended brow brush, contribute to the hardest part of doing your eyebrows, which is filling them in, shaping them up, and making them look fabulous. Once that process is finished, you can add a little shine with the Oh my brow, brow highlighter, and then wrap it all up with the Ready, Set, Brow! Brow Groomer.  A beauty benefit indeed !

(See below for the prices on these products)
European Wax Center was founded in 2004 in Florida and in 2016 they launched their newest collection of beauty products which is the featured brand Strut 365. These products are available at any European Wax Center, which are located, literally, everywhere. (including a variety of areas in Chicago!) Find a new way to treat yourself this Valentine's Day or any day of the week and make an appointment with EWC, buy some of their awesome product from Strut 365, and allow yourself to "strut your stuff!"

You can check out Strut 365 on European Wax Center's website:

and on their instagram:

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