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MAS Entertaiment bringing a bit of Old School for a Pre-Valentine Bash

Tuesday, February 07, 2017 Jennie Velasco

Never gone are the old days of house parties when you'd risk sneaking out of your parents house to jam to some old school Chicago house music and Freestyle jams.  Even in our now grown adult years, the party never leaves us. 

Newly formed MAS Entertainment from the Northwest Suburbs is determined to bring the golden era of the DJ back.  They kicked off the new year with their first successful party with artists like Juanie Legacy, Tim Spinnin Schommer, Charlie Babie, Joel, and Erik G.  All singing their hits "Forever Amor," "Prisoner of Love," "In the Name of Love," and the list goes on.  Already this recurring theme of heartache brought those days back of singing these tunes and making mixtapes. 

Try and remember the time you first heard "Short D*ck Man."  I was sitting in the car with my parents on a Sunday after church and they likely didn't even pay attention to what was on, because they let that bad boy ride.  Charlie B recalls the time he made that song, "there was too much woman bashing in music at the time."  He went as far as mentioning "Beat That B*tch with a Bat" which was popular in the nineties with other questionable rhetoric of how women were treated.  Sure, this song was contributing to the "two wrongs, don't make a right" logic, however, Charlie will argue that sass in the delivery was how it was done.  Charlie Babie is a Bronx native who now is a computer tech in Jersey.  His legacy is noted with work in collaboration with Quincy Jones, Chaka Khan, and his first gig editing music for Duran Duran. 

Tim Schommer balances a day job and manages to work alongside these old school legends frequently.  He mentioned camaraderie and how it was essential with this group of artists to still maintain its integrity.  My memories of listening Tim Schommer spin was during what he called "the golden age of B96" when Julian "Jumpin" Perez was actively recruiting mixtapes and dj's to do sets for their weekly program on the air.  Tim spent a lot of time editing mixes so they could be air-worthy, and although now its easier to make these kind of adjustments, it loses a little bit of its originality.  Perhaps leading into how simplicity may not always mean quality, or even entertaining. 

With non-stop jams and wall-to-wall fans of an era that will never be lost, MAS Entertainment is bringing you another get together to start your Valentine's weekend on Friday, February 10th.  The guys are crazy enough to give you your first round on the house!

Check out the flyer to check out who to expect at this weekend's show!
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