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Conflict-Free Diamonds: A new way to say I Love You this Valentine's Day

Friday, February 10, 2017 Celia A. Pena

There are a number of ways to say "I love you" on Valentine's Day but let's face it, giving someone a diamond certainly says a little more. Though the gem is certainly a symbol of love and is extremely captivating in appearance, the actual history of the diamond itself was less than appealing and even saddening because it's value has caused a lot of harm in the past. Used only for destruction, the diamonds we know and love were at one point the ultimate resource for countries like Africa, to fund destructive civil wars, which unfortunately led to millions of lost lives. Today however, there are companies who have made it their mission to reproduce, and manufacture what are known as, "conflict-free diamonds" to ensure that we do not contribute to a problem that has been around since 1999, and also, avoid digging into the one planet we inhabit.
It's time to express a new kind of love on February 14th...and you can do just that with conflict-free diamonds.

Alongside the  Kimberly Process, which was introduced in 2003 to ensure that the trading and shipment of diamonds is both legal, and conflict-free, certain companies have since aimed to distribute a more Eco-friendly, less endangering type of diamond, that was (get this)  GROWN IN A LABORATORY.

Among these many organizations seeking to change the world with what are known as "conflict-free" diamonds, is Ada Diamonds, named after the 19th century Countess of Lovelace August Ada King, and founded by Silicon Valley's very own husband-wife team, Jason Payne and Lindsay Reinsmith.
Together they made a plan in 2011 to get their perfect engagement ring from a jeweler that participated in the manufacturing of lab grown diamonds.  Since the process was not easy and there was very minimal information when it came to the topic of lab grown diamonds, the couple have made it their mission to produce custom fine jewelry using unique lab grown diamonds in order to increase access, awareness, and availability of their sustainable, conflict free diamonds.

First and foremost, YES, Ada Diamonds not only produces the traditional white diamond that we all know and love, but they also have collections that cater to specific occasions and even enable you to customize your own design to get the gem and look that you've always dreamed of.
Here are their featured collections (listed below) ....

  • Delicate: Petite $500 designs guaranteed to delight any special occasion, holiday, or achievement.
  • Strong : Made entirely out of microscopic diamonds sintered together and laser cut into bold rings, necklaces, and suiting accessories.
  • Daily : Designed for the workplace and the weekend. 
  • Ada : Brings to life the creations of talented jewelry artists from around the globe.  
  • Signature: Offers high jewelry impeccably designed with the best diamonds on earth.
  • Bridal : Offers the choice of Proposal Setting to ensure your proposal is a surprise, or be inspired by one of the already designed rings.
Ada Diamonds also offers to fulfill customized designs which can be arranged by a simple consultation with an Ada concierge. You can find more information about this kind of process on their personal website

Now just to be clear.... Despite the fact that their diamonds are grown in laboratories, Ada's diamonds have the exact same crystal structure, chemical composition, optical properties, and physical properties as a mined diamond. In fact, compared to mined diamonds, Ada's diamonds also have fewer impurities and defects in the crystal structure which make their white diamonds greater than 99.99999% pure carbon, brighter, and stronger. And of course the best part about them, THEY ARE CONFLICT-FREE. Which means that no one is being harmed, you are not funding weaponry to support civil disputes in other countries, and best of all, you aren't digging into mother earth and destroying her beautiful landscapes.

Although it has been said that the problem of conflict-diamonds has digressed since the Kimberly Process of 2003, the issue has never fully ceased to exist, meaning that many of the diamonds that are purchased are still part of huge problem. As Valentine's Day soon approaches, you can spread the love by not only buying your significant other a beautiful diamond from a conflict-free company like Ada Diamonds, but you could also be doing a great deal of good by not spending money on diamonds that may very well be the cause of dispute or even death.

With that in mind, I encourage you to seek out companies like Ada Diamonds that are dedicated to producing gems in a laboratory as opposed to mining them from our beloved earth and using them to support negative situations. 

You can easily Google companies that provide strictly conflict-free diamonds, but to save you a little time on that, I have linked below Ada Diamond's social media outlets as well as their personal website. Check them out below !

Ada Diamonds  

Happy Valentine's Day !

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