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College Grads Heads Up: Don't fall victim to Senioritis:!

Friday, February 24, 2017 Celia A. Pena

If you are in your last year of college, or have ever been in this exact same situation, then you would know that Senior year is definitely a big deal  It's the year where reality begins to set in; whee you will no longer be a student and, (if you aren't already) will soon be a full-time participant/ adult of the real world. But aside from all of the job offers, and grad school applications that you might be looking forward to, you're probably also trying your best to avoid late assignments, missed classes, and most of all, indescribable laziness.  If any of this sounds familiar to you (as it certainly does to me) then you my friend have experienced or are on your way to experiencing SENIORITIS.
 Don't start freaking out just yet because there are definitely ways to avoid this non-medical condition, just keep reading.

Senioritis, by definition, is a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.  Although the term is intended to be both humorous and temporary, there is some concern that students who fall victim to senioritis, will continue to make the same mistakes or much worse, fall short of reaching graduation.
That is why it's important to find ways to avoid stressing yourself out, taking a breather, and reminding yourself that you're halfway to the finish line.

Though Senior year may be stressful, you can still let loose once in a while WITHOUT turning it into a form of Senioritis. Some people have expressed on online communities that Senioritis usually occurs when a student starts to spend too much time engaging in "fun" activities which result in them forgetting about their academic responsibility. I say nonsense! There are ways to find balance in life, even when it comes to school and activities for de-stressing without becoming a Senioritis victim.
Below I decided to list a few college appropriate "stress-relieving" techniques that  will hopefully keep you on task with school while also allowing you to have some fun on the sidelines. Senior year doesn't have to be super serious, as long as it doesn't disrupt your academic performance.

1. Take it easy but not too easy (assignments and homework): No, taking it easy is not part of Senioritis, but laziness is. By taking it easy, this means completing your work, but not overwhelming yourself to the point of mental exhaustion. It's useful to take breaks in between assignments or huge papers, to allow your brain to breathe for a moment or two, and after doing so, comeback ready to finish strong ! Taking a short walk or listening to music has been said to help the brain "cool off."   The key is not to overwhelm yourself.

2. Declare a cheat day: Senior year is about getting things in order but it doesn't mean that school has to take over 100% of your life. Senioritis encourages loss of motivation because you are not giving yourself a little "me time". If possible, declare ONE day out of the week or a couple of days out of the month where you just HAVE FUN. Go see a movie, hang with friends, visit family; do something that allows you to experience all of the positive vibes and take some of that stress off of your mind,

3. Stay Energized!: Coffee is great and so are other caffeine infused beverages, but the reality is that they only work for a limited amount of time and after that you are back to square one of exhaustion. Our bodies turn food into energy so staying energized also means having something for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a healthy snack in between. Water, is also great.

4. Stay Motivated/Stay Positive: Senior year comes with a lot of pressures, both work and school related, and although it is only human to worry about what the future may hold, don't ever for a second give up on yourself! There is more waiting, and nothing in this life is easy, but you've made it this far, why quit now? Staying positive/motivated will push you forward.
Also, venting things out to family and friends is always a great way to get some positive reassurance if you feel like you are on the cusp of giving up. (Take it from me, you are awesome, don't throw in the towel!

5. Always Remember Three Simple Words: DON'T GIVE UP !

The reality is that COLLEGE IS STRESSFUL and for some, the pressures start to build up during senior year which is when Senioritis decides to take a new victim.
The term "Seniorirtis" is most prominently used by millennials and gained it's popularity by describing the academic integrity of plenty of high school seniors.  However in today's ever changing vocabulary, it seems to have become a familiar word around college campuses as well, where college seniors, like myself, have  first-hand experience with trying not to give ourselves over to this concept.

As a college senior myself, I tend to notice that motivation is a little lower because graduation is one step closer, I think we begin to lose sight that YES our senior classes DO matter, and they will count toward our GPA. Senioritis feeds off stress, puts you in a pickle beginning with making minor mistakes, and  ends with your motivation and confidence spiraling out of control, thus forgetting how exciting and important Senior year truly is. Do not let this happen to you!

It is hard, and it's certainly a struggle in itself but the best part about knowing that it's your senior semester and the one thing that keeps me going are those few words in the back of my mind (which should also always be in the back of yours too) are...


Don't give up my fellow Seniors. We're almost there!

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