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Tastefully Sexy Plus Size Edition

Sunday, January 22, 2017 Michelle Landriault

People are sexy regardless of size, and everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Don't be shy about it, don't be shamed, girl embrace yourself. Embrace YOU!

Today on Tastefully Sexy we are going to talk about a couple things that are a little hard to talk about for me. I'm a pretty private person even with everything that I share with my readers. My love life is generally kept pretty quiet, I just dont share things when it come to me and my husband. I also am not the most comfortable person when it comes to talking about sex. Ask any of my friends, they'll tell you I am just not that girl!

Well today all of that is going to be put aside, because I want to tell you guys about some amazing websites that have come in really handy! I've found some sexy little numbers for all my plus size girls out there, as well as body care, and some playful little toys.

With all those sites out there like "Adore me" that claim to have plus sizes, but none of them fit me... so it was super important to me to find somewhere I could get some amazing finds for my plus size sistas.

Curvy Girl Lingerie... do yourself a favor and bookmark that site. They have everything you need and more. In the video you'll see me talk about this beautiful baby doll, they have it in 2 colors, and it fits a larger plus size body like a dream. They have so many other's on the site that are gorgeous, and I cannot wait to get some more! I'm a big fan of the lace number that was in the video, as well as this one that was not pictured.

From books to body care Curvy Girl was there for me when I needed some help. I found ways to turn lemons into lemon-aid with the Kissable body powder... I bet you guys never thought to use it as chub rub remedy did you!?

Then we have Adam & Eve.Com, they have everything you'll ever need for your bedroom needs... from toys, to massage oils, and so much more. They always have specials running, and super awesome discount codes too. So, take a little time to look around the site, it won't break your pocket book.
Happy Shopping! xoxo Michelle

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