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Dealing with a Phenomena: Coping with astral catalepsy (sleep paralysis)

Friday, January 20, 2017 Celia A. Pena

It was some time during the middle of the night and there was no noise until the buzzing started. It sounded like a loud bass being turned up to the highest volume in both OF my ears. It felt like I was being pushed down, held against my will by something negative on my own bed. My eyes were open, but I could not move. I was sleeping but I felt awake. Truthfully, I thought I was dying. All I remember saying to myself was “WAKE UP, PLEASE WAKE UP!” Then suddenly, at what seemed like 30 seconds later, I did it…I woke up.  What I was experiencing, which to my surprise, many other people have experienced, is known professionally as sleep paralysis or in spiritual terminology as Astral Catalepsy. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me it is real, and it is by far one of the most terrifying feelings that a person can have while they are asleep.

For six long years I occasionally slept with my lights on, with my blankets over my head, and a thought in my mind “please just let me sleep tonight”.  It had been happening to me since I was 11 years old, until finally, after having dealt with it for so long, something always seemed to cross my mind and that was "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME?"

I was sure that whatever it was had been haunting me in my sleep and was trying to take me somewhere off into a dark land but I always woke up. And one day, thanks to the wide-spread availability of the internet, I began researching my problem and what I found was extraordinary.
It's called astral catalepsy, and the medical term for it is "sleep paralysis".

Sleep Paralysis on the one hand is classified as a sleep disorder and requires some type of psychological attention given the severity of the disorder,. Astral catalepsy, on the other hand, is a sleeping phenomena that occurs when an individual's spirit is attempting to wander out of the human body. To put it bluntly, the human spirit has a little bit of a wild side. 

Though both terms reflect different perspectives on the phenomena, the symptoms are relatively the same. Both Astral Catalepsy as well as Sleep Paralysis, consists of these few symptoms hat occur while an individual is sleeping…
· Shortness of breath, often from some oppressive weight on the chest
· Being touched by something or someone lewd or menacing, but invisible
· An overwhelming vibration
· Being pinned down and prevented from moving by an unseen evil presence
· Loud noises, from a buzz or hum to a blaring clamor as if fifty different radio stations are blasting at   the same time.
· The appearance of strange lights.
· A certainty that threatening entity is sitting on the bed or moving the bedclothes
· Paralysis

If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, then I'm sure you know how scary this can be while its happening. If this is something that has not happened in a while, then it is possible that you may have grown out of it as I myself do not experience sleep paralysis as often as I did when I was younger. However, if you do still have these experiences from time to time, then trust and believe that there are ways to help.

First, it is important to note that not everyone believes in the idea of the human having a free roaming spirit, which is completely understandable, so if one should choose to seek medical expertise, well I am glad to tell you that there are suggestive treatments for sleep paralysis that do not involve anything spiritual. From a medical standpoint, websites such as WebMD state that medical suggestive treatments for sleep paralysis primarily include the use of pills, increased sleeping habits, and even planning a routine for sleeping. Though they are not labeled as a definite cure, such treatments can aid in preventing sleep paralysis from happening. It is not guaranteed to cure it, but it can help to cope.

From a more spiritual perspective, there are methods as well, but mostly this involves a willingness to understand and believe that what ever is happening to you is truly real and has little to do with demons or things of that calamity. If astral catalepsy is the way that you choose to label this phenomena, then I hope that this small list of  advice will help you cope with your phenomena, as it has helped me with mine.

The steps are....
  1. Make a night time diary: Astral Catalepsy can be scary, but it always helps to record what you can remember. If you're too tired to do so, make a quick spoken recording on your cell phone(its much easier and quicker that way)
  2. Find a trusted online community that deals with astral projection: There are plenty of online blogs and communities where individuals vent ad express what they feel abut astral catalepsy. You may be surprised how many people have the same experiences. (Its also a great way to make online acquaintances)
  3. Relax your mind while its happening: This is possibly one of the hardest things to accomplish but with patience, it makes things better. When you feel yourself undergoing the symptoms of Astral Catalepsy, it's always important to remain calm and remember that you are not physically dying (though it feels like that)  Take normal breaths, remember that your physical body is waiting for your spirit self to behave and you will slowly wake up.
  4. Research the phenomena!: If there is anything I am grateful for, it is the books and accessible online documents that give you a piece of mind to assure that you are not crazy. Its a scary thing and a true oddity, but it does happen and it does exist. The best thing you can do for yourself is know what you are experiencing. (You can also see a psychiatrist or doctor if you feel a medical explanation is more suitable for you)

I am always surprised to find out others have gone through similar ordeals. I now provide any information I can, and even try to help.
The important thing here is that I no longer sleep in fear, but in amazement and hopefully you can too. Always remember that you are not alone.

Just because you experience something that is "out of this world" does not deem you as crazy, it only makes you more fascinating and more unique.
Sleep well everyone !

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