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Chicago Art Scene: Luis Sahagun @ Kruger Gallery

Tuesday, January 03, 2017 Jennie Velasco

The new year will not be falling short of things to do anytime soon! Extend your appreciation for local talent by way of Chicago artist Luis Sahagun, who will be presenting a solo exhibition at the Kruger Gallery. 

Brotherhood: Leyendas de un Bracero

The show will feature works that press his research into Native American and Japanese mythologies, as well as Sahagun’s own stories and poems. Just as he has described, "My mythology has developed by taking the memories of childhood friends, that were murdered or imprisoned, and abstracting their identities to create morally strong anthropomorphic characters that occupy the alternate reality I’ve constructed. In short, I am rewriting my vision of Chicago through symbol and metaphor. These are the tools that allow me to connect with my family, the divine, and to death.”  The show title; Brotherhood- Leyendas de un Bracero is a reference to his own experiences as a laborer and construction worker as well as his methodology to the materials and tools he used.  Luis has been accredited for winning best in show at Chicago’s School of Audio Engineering Institute’s Emerging Artists Exhibition in 2012, completing a year-long artist residency in Roswell, New Mexico in 2015-2016, and is currently a Bolt resident at Chicago Artists Coalition. 
Luis will be sharing his story with Halfstack and will be featured in our Spring issue! For more information on his artwork and future exhibitions visit his website here.  

Opening reception for the event will be January 19th from 6-8pm where his works will be on display through March 31st at the Kruger Gallery at 3709 Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60613.

For more information on the Kruger Gallery Chicago visit here.

A taste of his work:


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