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Beauty Benefit: Press-on nails as an affordable, less harmful alternative to salon quality artificial nails.

Friday, January 13, 2017 Celia A. Pena

Artificial nails can be like magic sometimes. Whether it is for a formal event, or simply to make yourself feel good, the nail salon is the usual go to-spot to achieve that classic French tip look, or get that unique nail design or color to add to your fabulous style. More importantly,  if you are anything like me who is not blessed with long natural nails, then the nail salon is your best friend.  
But, lets be honest, the cost, health risk, and the hassle of trying to make an appointment  to get those fabulous looking nails can be pretty frustrating. But never fear! There is an alternative to achieving beautiful artificial nails without visiting the salon. Curious? Well then please keep reading :)

For the past 4 to 5 years, I have indulged in using press-on nails. Whenever I want my nails to look great, or if I find myself having to attend an event, or  simply a night out with the girls, I always buy press-on nails as opposed to going to the nail salon.
Now I bet you are wondering…. how do they compare to going to the nail salon? Are they visually appealing? Are they worth ditching the salon?
The answer is YES.
First, let us compare prices.
Listed below are prices for the wide range of services you can receive at nail salons involving artificial nail application. (Please note these are not definite prices, only estimates)
  • A full set (Acrylic) = $20-$40
  • A full set (Gel) = #30-$60
  • Additional charges (including color/design/ nail shape)  =  $15- $25
  • Fill ins (usually required after 2 weeks of nail wear)  =  $15-$25
  • Nail repairs (chipping/ breakage/new full set) =  $10- $60 (highest amount for full set)
  • Nail removal: $10-$15
  • Tip for the nail technician: $10 and up
If you add all of this up, you would be looking at a grand total somewhere between $100 to $200 dollars every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on your nail salon of choice and how often you need fill ins, a , new set, repairs, and additional charges plus tips. It sounds unbelievable doesn't it?! 
Well here is the difference....

For a box of artificial press on nails, depending on where you buy them, the price usually ranges from about $5.99 to $9.99, also depending on the brand.
Some of my personal favorite brands include:
  • IM-PRESS press on nails = $5.99-$7.99
  • BROADWAY nails = $7.99 to $9.99.
  • KISS nails = $7.99 to $9.99   (My absolute favorites by the way)
A standard box usually comes with 28-30 nails in unique sizes for a more personalized fit, a small nail file, and nail glue to secure the artificial nail on your natural nail. BROADWAY and KISS nail brands also vary in length, such as petite (which are the shortest), short, medium and long.
All of the press on nail brands also come in different colors, designs, and the classic French tip all AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  A Beauty Benefit indeed!

In addition to the low cost of press-on nails, they also present a lower health and injury risk as opposed to the artificial Acrylic or Gel nails offered at nail salons. Yes, there are risks for getting those fabulous looking artificial salon nails, and according to the American Academy of Dermatology, some of these risks are threatening to your health. 

Minor risks such as bacteria build up and cuticle trimming, according to the Academy of Dermatology website, can lead to infections or irritations depending on the severity of the injury. While these minor risks can be treated, others present a more severe risk. UV lamps for example, which are used at some salons to dry freshly painted nails, emit very strong rays of light that are not healthy for the skin. Too much exposure or constant visits to the nail salon can result in severe skin damage or worse, skin cancer. The A.A.D  suggest that finding salons that use LED lamps or do not use lightening lamps at all, are the most beneficial.

Press on nails on the other hand, do not require UV lighting for a fresh dry because as I stated earlier,  many of the press-on nails are available in ready-made designs and colors including the classic, french tip design. You can always paint your nails yourself (which is what I do) and dry them with a small fan or use the good old’ shaking of the hands. Cuticle trimming, one of the minor salon risks, is also optional for press-ons, but not necessary as the nails are applied with a specialized nail glue and goes right on top of the natural nail.  As for bacteria build up, the nails are easy to remove with warm water and acetone nail polish. No money spent for nail removal. (From my experience the nail glue has never severely damaged my nails, it only leaves glue residue, which can be removed with acetone nail polish and warm water as well)

Since I started using press on nails, I have indulged in using them as my personal, healthier alternative to avoid going to the nail salon for an artificial nail set that costs plenty of money and has quite a few health risks. If you are wondering if they normally last as long as salon quality nails,  in my experience, press on nails longevity, specifically the KISS brand (my personal favorite), has lasted me 14 days and up, though I tend to wear them for only a week and a half to avoid bacterial build up or dirty nails. My natural nails also have a chance to grow under the press-on nails, and look damage free after I have removed the press-ons. There are no charges for application, color, removal, or fix ups and the best art is….they still look fabulous !
So if you’re contemplating on giving press-on nails a try, I highly recommend you do! Who knows, it may even become your new affordable addiction 

Take a peek at how my press on nails look on today!. I applied them on Tuesday and I also painted them myself with the Sinful Colors nail polish “Black on Black”.

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