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Whiskey Thief Tavern: The Hippest Hangout In Evanston

Thursday, December 29, 2016 Perry

Being from Michigan, the micro-brew state, it is pretty much mandatory for me to LOVE beer.  I remember it took me quite a few years ( and a lot of practice) to get to the point where I genuinely enjoyed drinking it.  When I was 18 years old, I traveled to Ireland, where it was legal for me to drink, but I hadn't quite perfected my pallet for alcohol, so I pretty much just ordered "Sex On The Beach" cocktails.  You can imagine the looks I got from bartenders and the disappointment I now feel in my younger self, looking back and thinking about how I didn't take advantage of visiting a country that prides itself on drinking beer, and lots of it! 

I feel like I have kind of reached a very similar point with whiskey.  I had never really had an opportunity to explore this specific spirit and learn more about what I liked and didn't like about it, until this year.  I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and can now confidently say that I can tell a great whiskey drink when I taste one!

There was no better place to test out my newfound love for whiskey than at Whiskey Thief Tavern. Serving up both bar fare, created by Chef Austin Baker, and artisan cocktails, this Evanston restaurant feels just like a hip hangout that you would stumble upon in Logan Square or Wicker Park.  I personally was impressed with the decor and complete ambiance of the space when I first visited a few weeks ago.  One of my favorite features is the barrel-shaped, enclosed booth seating - super unique!  

I was so excited to sample their latest menu selections, including Roasted Octopus and Bacon Wrapped Scallops.  Feast your eyes on these delectable food and cocktail offerings! 

Thief Burger

Maple Old Fashioned

Last Voyage

Chicken Wings


Tales and Spirits

Brussel Sprouts

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Roasted Octopus

Mad Adventure

Bulls and Bears

Hanging Acrobat
It is rare to find a restaurant that truly exceeds my expectations in every imaginable way; from the warm welcome by the hostess, to the smallest details of the craft cocktails.  I know just where I will be spending these next few cold, winter months!  If you need me, I'll be staying warm with a Maple Old Fashioned in hand, at Whiskey Thief Tavern!

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