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Slip Silk Pillowcase

Friday, December 23, 2016 Jailyn Menefee

Hello Readers, it's me again!

I am here to talk to you guys about this fabulous pillowcase that you will never want to take off your pillows. Slip Silk Pillowcases are the new trending piece in the bedding. These pure silk pillowcases are made of pure silk, and why wouldn't you want to sleep on silk like the queen you are?

Slip Silk pillowcases have so many benefits, because they are silk and not cotton, they allow your skin to glide while cotton pillowcases tug on your facial skin that could later cause wrinkles. The Slip Silk pillowcase also is very gentle on your beautiful hair, and you never have to worry about getting bed head again.

These pillows cases are phenomenal and you will never want to go back to a cotton pillowcase again. I tried out the white silk pillowcase, and coming from a girl who has always used cotton pillow cases, the grass is definitely greener on the other side.

These pillowcases stay cool, they don't leave those pillow marks after you take a long nap, and it a lot more gentle on the skin. The colors will accent any bedspread even the most luxurious.

They have different sizes colors to fit your bedroom needs, all ranging from the prices $79-90. This price is very much so worth it for such a quality pillowcase that will be amazing on your skin and hair.

If you want to start the new year, on the better side of the pillow definitely try out the Slip Silk pillowcases, it'll be the best decision you make in the new year.

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