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Randi Fay's "Little Babe" Captures Mother's View of Christmas

Thursday, December 29, 2016 Louis Vasseur

Growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s, I loved listening to the evolving FM radio stations.  Not only was this where you could hear various independent alternative bands not always available on conventional AM radio playlists, but also the coveted “long versions” of many popular songs as well.  These tracks lasted far longer than the standard 3:43 the conventional AM playlists featured once an hour.  The longer tracks contained special guitar and drums solos not included in the standard radio cuts.  Often, they would also include additional lyrics which filled in the song’s story in a way not found on AM radio.  Some of the songs lasted the entire side of the vinyl LP.  This was music presented the way the artists’ intended it to be.

At over seven minutes long, “Little Babe”, the latest holiday song released by vocalist and songwriter Randi Fay reminds me of the music I enjoyed during those early days of FM radio.  In this Christmas story song, she takes you on an epic, inspirational and heartfelt journey through the intimate experience of the Christ Child’s first hours, as seen through Mary’s eyes.  “Little Babe” shares the feelings of hope and joy, fear and expectations of a mother towards her unique newborn child.

Randi released the song in November after investing many hours of love into the project.  She estimates she spent over 13 hours in the studio recording the vocals alone.  A beautiful story song, “Little Babe” will melt the heart of the most determined Grinch.  To complete the package under the tree, Randi has also released a music video for “Little Babe” on YouTube.

Based in Green Bay, Wi, Randi Fay’s music lives at the nexus of jazz, Latin, blues with the power of pop.  Her lyric driven songs are described as poetry set to music.  Each track is delivered in her “rich and colorful voice”.  Her music earned Randi nominations for “Female Vocalist of the Year” (2015) and “Jazz Artist of the Year” (2015, 2016) by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry. 

With “Little Babe”, Randi demonstrates the latest step in her musical evolution.  The song incorporates several changes in musical style, pace, and tempos.  “While my music is primarily jazz and blues-based, I’m always interested in incorporating different styles into my music and continuing to develop as an artist,” explains Randi.  She is currently in the studio working on her next recording project scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2017.

You can purchase a digital download of “Little Babe” and check out more of Randi’s music at  “Little Babe” is also available for purchase at iTunes,, and other digital outlets.

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