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Melanie Mills Hollywood: The Game Changer

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 Michelle Landriault

You have not glowed until you've tried this believe me... 

Imagine being the star of the show, you’re own red carpet anywhere you go. Walking with the flashing lights of the camera swooning over the tall dark and handsome crooner on your arm… am I the only one with that dream?
I walk the imaginary catwalk everyday just stepping out, and I want to have that perfect Kardashian glow every time, red carpet or not. I always dress my best and shine to the 9’s, and now I have the perfect trick to help you make it through those holiday parties with the best glow possible.

Melanie Mills is an emmy winning, super talented makeup artist. In 2007, Melanie was selected as the Makeup Department Head for ABC television’s global phenomenon “Dancing with the Stars,” where she defined the look of the series and won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Makeup Design in 2008. Melanie’s superior talent has earned her nine career Emmy nominations for her work!  Lucky for you she made her own makeup brand, and you can take those shimmery legs with you anywhere. Some of these industry secrets that I’m about to let out of the bag, I could lose my job over so you better appreciate it!
Working as a Pro makeup artist, I use the Melanie Mills Gleam Body Radiance on everyone. They have a few colors to choose from ranging from Deep Gold to Disco Gold, and they pack quite the punch. I mix these with oils to make them apply more sheer, You can apply them straight as they are for max radiance, OR you can mix them with another moisturizer to give them more hydration… literally the possibilities are endless. I love working these into my skincare or makeup for the face, as well, to give me that ‘lit from within’ type of glow. I even use these on some of my brides to give their skin that luster we are sometimes lacking.

The Gleam Radiant Dust is a super illuminating loose powder, that you can literally use for ANYTHING. I use these for face, body, bronzer, blush toppers, highlight, and eye shadow. I also like to mix a dollop of these, with a squeeze of my body cream to create the perfect sheer diamond dust skin glow. This is so finely milled that nothing compares with how this just glides onto the skin, its also made from high grade pears that draw light in rather than reflect it. Its all in the technology of these products I’ve never seen anything produce as well as this has. All of Melanie’s products have a slight vanilla scent to them which smells luxurious and amazing, Even her sealer has a nice lavender scent that mixes super well with the vanilla, I LOVE THEM!
If I had to pick a favorite I would say the Disco Gold Body Radiance is one of my all time faves, it looks like gold diamonds on the skin. As far as Radiance dust goes, I think the Rose Gold stole my heart long ago. It looks so good on almost every skin tone… you can’t argue with that.

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