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MAKING IT: The Series Ep. 7 - Meet the Artist CJ Hungerman

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

The journey of artist can be immensely gratifying and at once incredibly overwhelming. Many people who consider themselves creatives tend to be non linear thinkers with amazing imaginations and people who are incredibly introspective. They put their heart into and often bare their soul in the work that they do. It can be scary to expose so much of oneself to critique and admiration. Being an artist is  a struggle between the limelight and the depths of your studio. It’s hard to build a life in a creative field, but when it’s all you know – it is your lifeblood, your energy and the one thing that truly keeps you going.

In this episode of making it we meet another Chicago artist: CJ Hungerman. His energy and personality is at once captivating and engulfing. One not to shy away from his struggles throughout life and with addiction, his art is an open book to his personal narrative. Yet, despite the darkness that has been woven throughout his story, he finds a striking balance in bright colors that truly fill the viewer of his artwork with hope, happiness and excitement.

He is best know for his work know as visual riot. It is composed of patterned, kinetic, color chaos.  The personal icons that he creates represent humans, human emotions, and their interaction. The layers, shapes, and color choices evolve into an electrified, surreal landscape that engages the viewer with new optic riddles each time the art is explored.

He works in an old studio space void of ventilation, windows, heat, or air conditioning.  It is through this experiences that he understands the extremes of his creative environment truly have an impact on the direction of the art that he creates.  The isolation and darkness of his studio has bound him to be as bright as possible throughout his work, with harmony and dissonance being constant companions. CJ is truly a renegade, inspiration and an artist to know in Chicago. Keep watching for the full interview where he shares his journey, his struggles, his latest work for the City of Chicago at The Chinatown Library and what motivates him as an artist.

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