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Get Cozy this Holiday Season: Home Edition

Monday, December 19, 2016 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

The freezing temps we are enjoying in Chicago make me want to just curl up under blankets on my couch and not venture outside until the flowers begin to bloom again in April. Needless to say, I'm hunkering down at home as winter is here to stay for the next few months. The best part about the colder season is the opportunity to spruce up at home in time for all the holiday get togethers or just to enjoy it on your own.

Candles have always been a mainstay in my home growing up and now as an adult. They can create a beautifully calming atmosphere and add a romantic vibe to any home. They're functional and pretty look at. I always have a stash for emergency situations and I'm always finding ways to add to the decorative collection that is scattered throughout my home. From delectable scents to incredibly stylish vessels, this roundup is filled with a beautiful selection of candles to add an elevated touch to your style at home. Let's get cozy this holiday season.

JAQUA Beauty is locally own and made in California. As a brand, they are known for decadent gourmand fragrances including their #1 selling Proprietary Buttercream Frosting Fragrance. Their complete line consists of their Signature Body Butter, Hand Crème, Shower Syrup, Body Mist, Roll-on Perfume Oil, and Candles. They recently released their cream verbena scents that definitely melds well with the holiday season.

Jaqua Sweet Cream Verbena Candle is made of Sweet Cream Verbena and Natural Soy. It is dusted with flowers and locally hand created and hand poured right here in the USA. Their new Sweet Cream Verbena is a luscious blend of bright lemony freshness and a touch of sweet cream —It burns for about 44 hours and is available only while supplies last.

SKEEM is another elegant and sustainably focused brand made in the USA and hand poured in small batches. Skeem Design candles come in REUSABLE jars, so something that's heavenly scent has a second life as a votive candle holder, juice glass, or catch-all. The brand creates evocative scents that are full bodied and lovely. Their design and packaging is just as beautiful as their scents. 

SKEEM Warm Amber: Warm Amber blends woody amber with musk notes and an exotic layering of pine, orange and sandalwood in their terra candle collection. Each candle is hand wrapped in beautifully printed paper inspired by the striated colors found in naturally occurring minerals like agate and geodes. The paper is slightly translucent so it glows when lit and after burning for up to 30 hours, the empty jars can be re-purposed as votives by dropping in a tea light or used to hold desk or bathroom items. The candles are hand poured in the USA with their exclusive soy base and each has 30 hour burn time

SKEEM Lemon & Oak: Lemon & Oak is a woodsy blend with tea, lemongrass, citrus peel and amber scent. This is a bright, airy and clean smell. These print block candles are inspired by an ancient printing technique for decorating fabric with carved wood blocks. The brand has acquired a large collection of these blocks that have intricately detailed carvings. Theircandles are inspired by these print blocks and feature carved maple lids on matte-white, 3-wick vessels, a thoroughly modern interpretation of the originals. Each candle is hand poured in the USA with their exclusive soy base. This set has an 80 hour burn time. 

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