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A Fun Holiday Gift Guide

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 Olivia Lemley

With Christmas lights glowing down the city streets, the last thing we want to do is run through a mall, flustered to find last minute gifts. Gifts are tough to pick out, and when we can't decide, we put it off until stores are closing for the holidays! I have, too, been a victim of Christmas shopping procrastinationyou are not alone! Not to mention, no one ever really knows what to get that crazy uncle or quiet cousin, so here I am, with efforts to make your lives have a little less stress and bit more joy this season.

Let's start with the men, because [often times] they do not know what they want. Ever.

Pleats, high-low dresses and peplums have all gone in and out of style but never has a classic belt ever faded out of the lime-light. Yes, your average belt can last a while, but it will begin to look worn and beaten.
Mission Belt has come to you with a type of belt that will not show stretched out belt holes. Actually, they don't even have holes at all!

Especially around the holiday season, giving back to society is important. Mission Belt is a company that not only brings innovation to the table, but it also has great philanthropic values. Each belt sold, a dollar goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide. With a plethora of options—and that is not an exaggeration—you'll be able to find something for any man on your list.

Men and their bars—something about it. Does it make you more of a man to have a decked out bar? Does it put you among the manliest of men? Who knows, but what I do know is, your man will love this gift.
Bambeco is a brand of sustainable goods such as the Portland 3 Beer Flight. It is made of reclaimed wood and recycled glass to make a product that doesn't leave a harmful footprint on our environment. If someone is in need of a serious man-boost and three isn't enough, Bambeco also provides a 5 Beer Flight for the manliest of men.

Aesthetics are everything for women. If it looks pretty, it makes her happy. Happy Plugs offers a variety of products for our 21st century techies. One to focus in on that can apply to most women out there is a laptop skin-- the perfect addition to a gift. Snap on cases make for a bulky computer, but this skin can be applied for decoration and to prevent scratches on your laptop. White marble will forever be held close to my heart simply because it is calming and classy. If your not a fan of a million and two stickers slapped on to a laptop, check out Happy Plug's options!

Whether you have sent a friend or loved one off to college or you're in a long-distance relationship, this is the gift that will brighten your days. People get busy and schedules change, so it's no surprise that daily phone calls might not go as promised.
That is why UncommonGoods will be your next shop-stop. Their Long Distance Touch Lamp is not only innovative, but it is also a sentimental gift. It is a set of two twin lamps that, upon your touch, will glow both yours and its mate. You can even mix and match lamp colors as you please. It is a much better way to keep in touch than poking on Facebook.
There's not much better than coming home on a snowy day to a hot drink and a room lit up with candles. I have never heard anyone say, "you have too many candles", because I think that would be impossible. My favorite for late-night relaxing is Starling's vanilla + hemlock candle while the orange flower + amber is perfect for early mornings. Not only are Starling candles oh-so-delightful, but they are also doing a bit more behind the scenes.
For each candle The Starling Project sells, a portion of the profits go toward providing drinking water to countries across the world. Take Chaud, Africa for an example. It is land locked and only 61% of its community has access to clean water. The Starling Project helps the rest of them to have such luxuries. Whenever I get thirsty, I grab water out of my fridge without thinking of how fortunate I am for something that is so simple in the US.

Let's be honest...young men, women and their phones are inseparable. Phones have become everything from an iPod, to a camera, to an alarm clock to a calendar... must I keep going? The point is, we are always on the go and, although I wish it were true, phone batteries don't last forever.
Native Union has an assortment of portable chargers that will not weigh down your bag or look tacky. So simple and small, the TAG leather cable loops casually around any bag strap or key holder with the plugs that slide into the leather pocket. Plug it into any USB outlet and your phone is on its way to a full charge!

For all those who are wanderlust, I have the perfect gift at hand. It is now the time where cabin fever creeps up on us all and any screensaver of a tropical beach draws tears to our eyes.
Through Atlas Obscura, you can read and discover about the world's hidden wonders, and perhaps, plan for a get away. Nothing soothes the winter soul better than a guide and inspiration to pack your bags!

Best of luck to you & your gift hunting!

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