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The Make-up Show Chicago #TheAftermath

Monday, November 28, 2016 Michelle Landriault

The Makeup Show Chicago has ended, and so has my high. I always get so pumped from it every year, they have so much for the community.... and as an artist, being around all this creativity and movement makes me so pumped. I get high off the other artists around me and I get so creative when it comes to my brand. I wish they could come 2 times a year so I can get that little kick in the ass boost more than once a year.

I attended the press event Saturday morning like I do every year, its just as amazing as it was the year before. I get to sit and listen to James Vincent, one of the most successful artists of my time, for over an hour. I never take this time for granted, he always has some useful tips for the working artist, sometimes even some product recommendations for my kit. He goes over whats happening at the show this year, and the amazing goody bag the press kits get. All in all this is a great time for me usually, I get super pumped about being a working artist in the Midwest, and I start to get that hope back that I end up losing throughout the year. Big artists with big minds are more about building a community, and building each other up... little minds are not. Being a working MUA in the Midwest, usually the only people I meet are small minded artists that want to cut you down, or compete with you for work.
This time I get to spend with James Vincent is hitting the reset button for me. Fueling my artist soul, and reminding me that small minds will get nowhere.

Alright, now that I'm off and running, here is a peak at my press bag! This year was insane, even better than the last... I swear these bags get bigger and better every year! I almost feel bad talking about them they are so good.

There's even more items that didn't make the photo because I've been using them so much. Smashbox's Primer Water, Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit in Sun-dipped, Mascara's galore! This year they added Kat Von D to the line-up of the show, and my bag. I was in shock of how many amazing things were in there this year.

I started off my day with some education, and I ended it with some shopping. I met some awesome people along the way which made my heart happy. I also was really impressed with how I decided to spend my money this year. I have a super huge shopping problem, so this year I decided to get cash out and only bring that with me.
I spent about 150 dollars, and I got mostly some MUFE Artist shadows because they are over half off at the show, I also got the Mario Badescu Rosewater mist for 5 bucks, and I got some pigments from Mehron.
I was so pleased with myself, but I also was kicking my own ass by the end of the day. I passed by so many things that I wanted. For example Ellis Faas was there with their whole line of goodies. Those eye sticks are UNREAL, I wanted them so badly, AND they were only 25 dollars at the show. I've seen them online for almost 45.
Once I got home and started to go through my bag of goodies... between what I bought and what I got in my press bag, I really made out like a bandit! I have a couple super faves to show you, take a look at this awesome Kevin Aucoin Mascara, and the Bdellium tools matte lipstick shade!
There is nothing better than an afternoon among people who love what you love, and get what you do. Discount make-up shopping, superior artists, young hungry talent, wisdom from my peers... I couldn't think of a better place to go for the weekend.
Places you need to know: 
Pinnacle cosmetics, where have you been all my life? This place is the real deal, and the eye-shadow pallets are out of this world! They had a HUGE booth at the show, so I took a little gander at their stuff... HOLY MOLY! The pigments in their shadows, the size of them and the colors they have; everything about this place is incredible. I cannot wait to try everything on my wishlist there.

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