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The Face Behind Yona New York

Monday, November 28, 2016 Michelle Landriault

Sometimes you meet people along this journey of life that really change you. Yona, even though I've never met her face to face, is that person for me. She's so elegant, stylish, and classy; her impact on the plus size community is more valuable than ever. In a world full of women getting half naked to prove their self worth, and how much they love themselves... a woman like Yona is the role model I want to look up to. We need more classy stylish women that are full of love, life, and emotion. I dont want to have to get naked on instagram to prove to everyone I love myself, and it seems to be a trend in the plus size community lately. In a world full of chaos and madness miss Yona is the breath of fresh air we all need. 

Her amazing clothing line prepares women for success. Everytime I wear some of her pieces I feel like I'm ready for anything, not to mention a career based outing. There isn't enough "career wear" out in the world of plus-size, and in my line of work I need to be able to get something appropriate. Having just a couple pieces of her line in my closet to choose from, already gives me a cutting edge amongst the crowd.

1. Tell me about the creation of Yona New York, What made you decide to start this brand?
I have been designing clothing since childhood.  Creating fashionable apparel is what makes me happy.  I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, hoping to pursue a career and live my dream.  Unfortunately my help was needed in the family business, so my plans were delayed. Regardless, I continued to make my own wardrobe.  Last year I knew the time was right to follow my passion, and to share my line with other women of size.  I feel so fortunate to be doing this now, after waiting so long.

2. What is the purpose behind your brand, when you created it what did you have in mind for the plus community? Was it always supposed to be a plus size line?
There is a tremendous gap in fashionable options available for plus size women.  Although many advances have emerged in the last few years, there is still much work to be done in the plus size space.  Yona New York was created to help raise the bar for classy fashion for larger women.  We source fabrics which stretch and flow to better leverage the natural beauty of a plus size woman. Our sample size is 18, not 4, to better fit our community.   That would not translate well to straight sizes.  Besides, that space is already well served.

3. Any advice for someone starting in the business that might be losing hope for a brighter future?
Never give up your dreams.  Today there are more options for independent designers than ever before.  There are factories which have no minimums.  There are plus size women who would love to have more choices.  Social media has leveled the playing field for anyone who wants to get the word out.  Don't lose hope!

4. If you could pick one Slogan to represent you and your brand what would it be? Why?
Chic, effortless, you.As a plus size designer and woman I understand the options available. I've seen baggy and loose fitting garments, to skin tight items with little options in between. I aim to make clothes for women to feel like they can be themselves in. You don't need to give up style for comfort, and you don't have to be uncomfortable to be elegant. I want every woman to be able to put on my clothes and feel like themselves.

5. Who is Yona the designer, not Yona the brand? Tell me more about you, where do you get your inspiration from?
I'm sensitive and emotional. I love to laugh and I always need to love and share. I wasn't always this person, I've evolved into me, and I'm constantly growing. I think the key is you can be all the wonderful things you are. When you're younger it's harder to see that but as you age you start to understand more about who you are. Your younger self is always there, and it takes time to see who you are. Who I am to myself is just as important if not more important as anything else, but I understand it takes time.  

6. What's next for you? Any new designs or releases that we can look forward to?
Yes! We have some new designs coming out for the Holiday season that we are very excited about. One of which is our Drape Cape Dress. It's stylish, chic, and effortless, which precisely represents my design goals.

7. What makes your brand stand out from the crowd, what is your pride in joy in your creations?
It is all about the fabrics. I am easily drawn in by fabrics I love. They speak to me and then I know what I want to create from that bolt. We have great kimono dresses in a smooth-as-butter material. Not only does it make you look chic but it feels amazing when you put it on.

8. What other designers influence you? What are your fave styles?
I love fashion. So all designers influence me.  I love mixing prints like Gucci does and Peter Pilotto. I love the creativity of draping fabrics like Valentino while keeping the style so feminine. I love Balenciaga its just so deep and passionate. I find myself loving color over shape, and so often find myself inspired by beautiful fabrics.

9. What are some favorite ways to wear your styles? How do you style them to fit your personal style and flair?
Our styles are so detailed that they can so easily be worn alone, but I guess my personal style usually involves adding some leopard print. This can include shoes, a scarf, or my jacket, I'm a big fan of leopard and love to pair it with some of our black options, like our three-way tie dress. Just throw that one with some leopard shoes, and you have an effortlessly chic outfit for any occasion.

 Catch up with Yona New York here and Don't forget to check out her new line! They are currently having a BOGO sale for the holiday rush, so act fast! It ends today

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