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The Beauty Beat - Welcome to Winter

Sunday, November 27, 2016 Jen Lezan

Fall's mild weather had me at hello. Summer lingered well into early November, but the last 2 weeks Jack Frost arrived in full cold and rainy splendor here in Chicago. With the temp changes and weather transition, you readers may have to change up your skin and hair routine. Cold weather often brings with it dryness. It can leave your skin feeling tight, rough, and itchy. In short, "it ain't cute" ladies and gentleman. It is often uncomfortable, can look less than appealing and when dry skin becomes severe, it can crack. That's definitely a health hazard that can cause infections.

So, for this edition of the Beauty Beat, I have a great winter roundup of products meant to moisturize, buff and keep your skin and hair in tip top shape. I am breaking down the subject into two areas: body and hair. Check out some great products that will keep your skin plump and your hair feeling healthy.


Alba Botanica Body in the Buff Firming Scrub: Espresso and Coffee Bean

One of the most important parts of skincare is exfoliation. It's not just important for the face, but also for the body. The goal behind exfoliation is shed dead skin cells. When old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it can leave skin looking dull, rough, and dry. Alba Bontanica's coffee scrub is an invigorating body scrub! It gently lathers and buffs away rough, dull, dry skin at the same time. The caffeine is also known to reduce the appearance of cellulite, de-puff, and “firm” the skin. Made with natural, biodegradable, body-buffing beads and 100 percent vegetarian ingredients. The brand focuses on socially conscious products and does not utilize animal testing, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates or harsh sulfates.

Kiehls Creme De Corps - Faile Grapefruit Whipped Body Butter

This Kiehls Creme De Corps is definitely a luscious and moisturizing cream. By far a cult favorite and this season they've made it even better with their "Baby give back" campaign and by teaming up with FAILE for a cool limited edition product package design. The line is enriched with the finest skin-nurturing ingredients known to Kiehl's for a rich, elegant skin texture. It's great for after a shower, leaves skin soft, smooth and beautifully moisturized. The line has a charity component and with purchase of this product,  helps secure 340 meals* for Feeding America.

According to Kiehls, 100% of net profits from the sale of the Grapefruit Creme De Corps Whipped Body Butter benefits Feeding America, up to $100,000. $1 helps provide 11 meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks.

FAILE is a Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Since 1999, the duo has evolved signature mass culture-driven work across a variety of media and techniques, including painting and printmaking.

Surya Brazil Sapien Shave Gel

The eco friendly Sapien Women Shave Gel is a must try for those of you who want a clean and close  shave and a product that protects your skin while shaving. Its a natural and vegan product made with exotic organic Amazonian ingredients like CupuaƧu butter, Pracaxi oil*, Macadamia oil, Vitamin E to prevent drying and protect sensitive skin. Organic Aloe Vera juice and vegetable glycerin promote intense hydration. This is a good option for those of you who have sensitive skin and who find that typical shave gels dry you out.

Industry Cosmetics - My Skin & Co: After the Razor cream for razor bumps and ingrown hairs/inflammation & liquid treatment

This product range helps to clean, clear and prevent. Containing certified organic tea tree oil infused with over five bacterial fighting anti-inflammatories, the liquid treatment is PH balanced allowing nature and science to work in harmony not only on top of the skin, but also below the skin. This is a great formulation if you encounter skin bumps, ingrown hairs or inflammation while shaving. Make sure you test a small area of the skin for sensitivity.

After shaving, apply by saturating a cotton pad and swipping affected area twice daily until clear. Please keep in mind there may be a slight stinging associated when using the signature liquid. The cream version may be a better option if the liquid is too uncomfortable to apply. It is utilized in the same manner, apply twice daily to affected area until clearn.

Art Naturals Soleil Sunless Tanning Lotion 

Now, we all know that with the winter comes the fading tan of summer. If  you don't want to turn into snow white over the winter, you can utilize the Soleil sunless tanning lotion to build up a natural looking tan. The product is infused with all natural Jojoba oil. So, it not only gives you the perfect all natural sunless tan, but it also nourishes and moisturizes your skin while it builds a tan.The set includes a mitt for easy application.

Yon-ka Paris: Solar Care Regenerating After-Sun Tan Prolonger

Yon-Ka Solar Care Regenerating After-Sun Tan Prolonger moisturizes, revitalizes and creates a subtle, natural-looking glow to enhance self-tanned skin. The Grapeseed oil in the product nourishes and helps even out the skin tone and it also protects against free-radical damage. Rosemary extract calms and soothes skin while vitamin A reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.This is a great addition to keep a subtle glow all winter long.


Winter hair shedding happens to most of us. Yet, it is important to note than any seasonal change can affect your hair due to things like dryness . The spike in the thermostat tends to dry us out in the colder months. This along with the dry air outside can dry out the scalp. It’s important to keep your scalp clean to create the ideal environment for healthy hair growth. Use a gentle shampoo that gently exfoliates and cleanses the scalp to remove debris and sebum. Then follow with a moisturizing conditioner to nourish and soften dry hair. If you are finding that you are struggling with hair growth DS Laboratories Revita COR Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner are great options to keep your strands in tip top shape. 

Not only are they gentle on your strands, they are free of sodium laureth sulfate. When applied, your scalp tingles a bit and after prolonged use, the product is meant to support restoration and new growth. 

iRestore Hair Growth Serum is a wonderful addition to any hair growth/strengthening shampoo system. The Hair Growth Serum is formulated with patented molecules, Redensyl® and Vitamin E & B, designed to reactivate hair stem cell activity and nourish hair follicles to promote optimal hair growth. By applying 1ml two times a day directly onto the scalp in areas of hair loss, users can expect to see significant visible results in as little as three months. Personally, I found it more suitable to apply the serum to my hair just once a day before bed as it had a tendency to make my roots feel a tad bit oily if I used it during the day before styling my hair and applying any other product. Overall, my hair is seeing new growth at the crown, it is sparse, but I think the combination of the shampoo/conditioner and the serum makes for an effective treatment. I have a feeling that beyond my typical winter shedding, the thinning I faced this year had a lot to do with hormonal imbalances and stress. As I have begun to implement more exercise, continued to focus on my yoga practice and continue to eat healthy with an up in my intake of green juices and veggies, my body is starting to balance out. That alongside the hair treatment is beginning to make a huge difference. If you want to try out the iRestore it is sold for $39.99 for a 2oz. / 60ml bottle (good for about 2-3 month treatment) and is available for purchase now on iRestore’s website. 

Evo You Do Dew - Hydrate is a great little stocking stuffer for the beauty maven on your gift list! The mini gift box includes The Therapist: Hydrating Shampoo/Condition and The Great Hydrator: Moisture Mask. Each of these products is meant for those of you with dry hair. Whether you are dried out from the weather, overuse of heat tools or just are dealing with a lackluster coif, these products give your locks some much needed nourishment. The hydrator moisture mask is a great weekly pick me up to add some bounce back into your hair that smooths and shines.

If you want to take the moisturizing up a a notch or your hair is just needing some intense therapy, check out Phyotoelixir: Intense Nutrition Mask, Cleansing Care Cream (ultra dry hair) and Intense Nutrition Shampoo (ultra dry hair). The indulgently rich nutrition mask melts into your scalp to help even the driest, most porous hair. All of the products in this line contain narcissus flower wax and macadamia oil, extremely rich in essential fatty acids all of this helps to replace your hair's lipids.

The Cleansing Care Cream is an incredibly concentrated, non-lathering cream that gently cleanses the hair and scalp while infusing hair with nourishing nutrients. It is formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

If you feel the need for some lathering, the intense nutrition shampoo is a gentle foaming option that is formulated to leave your hair feeling soft and supple.

Hope you all found this edition of Beauty Beat helpful! Check back next month for some more of the latest and greatest in beauty products!

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