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Hourglass Vanish Foundation "How-to" // MichelleSwoons

Friday, November 18, 2016 Michelle Landriault

Stick foundation is the newest craze in the make-up world. Its been around a while of course I remember a couple stick foundations from Bobbi Brown that knocked my socks off. After that I've tried Makeup Forever's Stick HD foundation, and Anastasia Bev Hills.... None of them have been quite as nice as Hourglass' latest rendition.

I have a little video "how-to" for you guys to take a look at. I hope this helps with the application aspect of foundation. Sometimes the stick ones can be a bit tricky, and this one is especially different than the rest. The formula is very concentrated so a little goes a long way, and its super full coverage so you are going to get the most from this foundation. I really like the formula, and I like the way you can sheer it out or build it up based on the products you use with it.

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